$200,000 In Debt And Scared To Cut Up Credit Cards!

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Renee and her husband are around $200,000 in debt. She calls Dave to ask about consolidating her credit card debt, but Dave has other advice for her instead.

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Tater Fight says:

How???? I got my bachelors in accounting from a local state university for under 20k. I'm 25 with no student loans. There needs to be some serious education about college and the cost associated in high school.

Krassimir Petrov says:

Absolutely ridiculous they make 145k in Charlotte and can’t pay off debt STOP SPENDING …I’m 25 live in charlotte make half that and have a house I put 20% down on and a paid off Porsche

scsu300 says:

Just Debits and Credits. That's all it is. How much did your department spend???…Oh. OK. All I need is the invoice.

Mrs michelle chelsea clinton says:

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Angie Martins says:

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Mary Taylor says:

I got my credit card debts cleared after I contacted +15623677365,without revealing any info to him is the most surprising thing

Rocky Capone says:

This is the worse accountant On the planet

Mark Smith says:

Graduated in 2011 and making an income of 145k combined. That’s not too shabby at all. Those loans are paying off. These kids just need some control now.

soccerjoker95 says:

Dave is coming to Atlanta in March. I wanna go see him but he also taught me not to spend money on unnecessary things lol. It's like $50 a person… plus gas, parking, food… Send me a free ticket?

Robmar says:

She can't be an accountant!? No way! Just. So. Stupid.

Jonathan Hughes says:

The Devil who invented money wants people to be scared. Satan is scared regarding his down end willing to believe a lie as to when that end will be. That sneaky evil being invented money making people think they were safe when they had a lot of money. We make each other to be safe. We call on people to help us. Money, just, lays there, doing nothing. Real hatred pent up – hidden from view is suddenly seen when a pe5son does not have any money. People don't care had you live or die. Money demands a human sacrifice. Debt and credit cards are from the mind of Satan. God wants all to use ask and receive having the loving giving Lord God in our mind.

PNWresistance says:

I love this dude. I almost bought a 80k Nissan GTR. Got a 2000 Honda Civic instead. Now I have no consumer debt and will have my house paid off in 4-5 years. Should completely debt free before I’m 40.

3of11 says:

I think Dave needs to start getting into how much rent is. I suspect a lot of people like Renee live in large, upscale, “safe schools”, trendy, high rent areas. Being renters they can easily downgrade their apartment. 2 rooms max with 1 kid. You could think of moving to an area far away a lot cheaper to reduce rent.

Or another school of thought. move very close the work of the largest salaried (or can’t work from home) individual. That person can now walk / bike to work. Only one car required. The place should be very small and hopefully walkable. Reducing dependence on cars. 1 bdrm. Not a big deal as they need to be working and not home much.

RealLife Money says:

Oh my…I can’t say much more…

Motoryzen says:

wow…the FEMALE is in debt 200 grand..and half of that is student loans. (facepalm). Let me guess. She got a psychology or social degree in gender studies. It wouldn't surprise me. That's how useless these idiot thots ( as well as many soyboys) are.

Investing Robinhood Investor says:

200k in debt?! She's spending way above her income

Dallas Ryder says:

Make almost 150k, let debt keep rolling to 200k. For almost 9 years of doing nothing to it… yeah, typical Americans.

Top.Hat. Ronin says:

Scared? You better cut those cards up like you're Edward Scissors Hands & liquidate assets like you're making a Smoothie to pay those bills! ?.

leaderoftheworldputin says:

I am 25 yrs old single female making almost minmum wage but owe $0 to anyone….borrowing money is a sin!! Anyways, these videos make me feel much better even though I have about only $200 left every months for savings . seems like I am richer than people who make triple than me but owe money + interests

Vinny T. says:

Let's get pregnant smh

Belinda Brandon says:

I cut off my credit card was only 4,500 only can’t sleep

frany alva says:


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