Debt Reduction vs Debt Counselling companies:
Sue Davey is a credit counsellor with the Family Counselling Centre of Brant, a full service not-for-profit agency that celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2014. As a full service agency the Family Counselling Centre of Brant can help people with money problems, but can also help with the causes of those problems, and can provide counselling for addiction, family and other issues.

Holiday spending expert Patty Morrissey offers six tips consumers can follow for a debt-free holiday.

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I would NEVER pay for the SCAM and hustle of mediation.
If both parties CAN settle on something, I wanna do it WITHOUT paying a total stranger to sit down and WATCH US negotiate. Who made these “all knowing” mediators God anyways? It’s another way to extort money. If we CAN’T settle then it’s EVEN MORE of a waste of money and time. I’ll do it IF the mother wants to pay for all of. Otherwise, send me a settlement offer and I’ll counter.

You know how women wanna take a guy with them when buying a car? That’s because women get fooled by a power suit and tie. They get mesmerized by someone with a law degree or in a position of authority. If you say, “Let’s settle on 50/50” and she says “screw off”…but then her lawyer or a mediator says you should settle on 50/50, then she’ll say, “sounds good” to the SAME offer. But, she doesn’t hear it coming from YOU cuz she hates you but respects that guy with a law degree titled “mediator” or “attorney”. They’re led by their emotional perception of reality. So, dads give in and FOLLOW HER emotional leading down the path of mediation. I call BS and say we CAN MEDIATE on our own or between me and your lawyer. If he’s a lawyer he doesn’t NEED a mediator’s help right? It’s all a scam.

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Dissolve Your Debt Review – Does it’s a Scam?

Are you in debt and you want to learn how to get out of it quickly, easily, and completely? Jonathan Hawley can show you what you can do through Dissolve Your Debt. This information-packed manual reveals a secret government program that you can use to get out of debt.

With Dissolve Your Debt, you will get 75 pages of step-by-step information on what you need to do to get out of debt. You will discover that just by writing certain words on your bills in a particular way and then mailing them to a specific government address, you can totally eliminate your debt. Handling your debts this way is guaranteed by the government and is part of public law, so you don’t need to worry about doing something illegal.

The protocol/program that you will discover in Dissolve Your Debt worked for a lot of people. And the author is positive that it will work for you too regardless of the debt that you have – may it be mortgage, car loan, property tax, credit card, income tax, utility bill, etc. The manual will provide you with easy-to-follow instructions so can apply the protocol with ease. Aside from important addresses, this manual also includes case studies, success stories, bonus sections (‘There Are Two Of You,’ and ‘Easy Contract Basics’), and other helpful information and tools.

Dissolve Your Debt will arm with the know-how so you can completely be debt-free without spending a lot of money. Paying for the postage fee could be just what you need to do. This powerful manual can help you reclaim your financial health and change your life forever.

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Debt counselors are warning against lavish spending on Black Friday.
Courtesy #DStv403

The second part of 7.30’s economy series is about debt and how Australia’s become the world record holder.

Individually most of us owe a lot of money compared to what we earn, whether it’s stacked up on our credit cards or in our mortgages or other loans.

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A Different View Of Credit Counselling:
Richard Dunwoody has 30 years experiences providing consulting services to the financial services industry through AFO Venture Group. On today’s show Richard offers his opinion on how credit counselling agencies in Canada operate and what this means to consumers.
At our firm we work a lot with local, not-for-profit credit counselling agencies that meet face-to-face with clients using a “whole person” approach. I am a supporter of these kinds of organizations because they meet with people face-to-face, help people deal with the underlying causes of their financial difficulties and teach useful money management skills like creating a budget and finding ways to save money. In fact, I’ve had two local credit counsellors on this show: Heather Cudmore from Carizon in Kitchener and Sue Davey from Brant Family Counselling.

Debt Review protects your critical assets legally with a court order.

Meet our client Mr Esterhuysen, he is Debt Free