In this video we provide an overview of Debt and Credit Counselling In Toronto and the GTA.

Are you having a hard time keeping up with your monthly payments?
Many people find themselves falling behind.
Have you been struggling with debt for a long time?

Maybe its time to speak with a Licensed Insolvency Trustee. At Richard Killen & Associates talking with a Licensed Insolvency Trustee (LIT) will guide you through all the solutions that may be right for you so you can make the right decision for your situation.

Consulting with a trustee doesn’t mean you are filing bankruptcy instead they will review your situation and give you all your options to find the right solution to your debt problems which include credit and debt management, consolidation loan, informal proposal, consumer proposal and personal bankruptcy.

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A Debt Management Programme (DMP) is a debt repayment arrangement that is facilitated by Credit Counselling Singapore (CCS) for borrowers who are struggling to pay for basic living expenses and at the same time, make minimum payments to all his/her banks.

CCS will work with you to establish a reasonable budget for your household, determine how much you can set aside as monthly payments, and propose a repayment arrangement for your creditors’ approval.

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Debt Review Awards Founder Zak King speaks to a well known Debt Counsellor and Credit Provider about their views on the criteria used in the annual peer review of Payment Distribution Agents (PDAs).

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Debt consolidation might benefit you if you’re struggling to keep up with repayments on your current debt.

Get Your Free Savings Estimate Today

The benefits of consolidating your debts can be great for some people. You may get the advantage of lower interest rates or cheaper monthly repayments.

What many people don’t realize is that the attractive interest rates advertised by banks are usually reserved for those customers with excellent credit.

In fact, many people may benefit more from a different type of debt relief program altogether.

Topics that will be covered in this debt consolidation video
What is debt consolidation
Debt relief negotiations
Is debt settlement a better solution than debt consolidation

Debt collectors often use aggressive tactics and can make it even harder for you to repay the amounts you owe.

If you are interested in debt consolidation, you should also check out our Debt Relief Program

Pacific Debt has helped thousands of people reduce their debt. Since 2002, we’ve settled over $200 million in debt for our clients. Contact us today to see how you can help you.

36-year-old Marlon loves to shop. This gadget man, computer-wizz earns £30,000 a year. But, a spending addiction fueled by nine credit cards has left Marlon £20,000 in debt.

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NDMA CEO Magauta Mphahlele explains the debt collection process and the importance of knowing consumer and credit provider rights

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