Gary Rusyn from the Credit Counselling Society presents “Mind You Money” to Grade 7-12 students from across Saskatchewan. The event was held on November 16, 2021 as part of SaskMoney’s Financial Literacy Month events. Visit for financial literacy resources and events.

The Saskatoon Industry-Education Council (SIEC) is a bridge between Saskatchewan’s career opportunities and Saskatoon area youth. Through a partnership among business, secondary and post-secondary schools, unique hands-on career exploration events and programs are designed and delivered to students, helping them find a career that connects their passion and natural talents with current and future workforce needs.

DebtBusters Website :

DebtBusters is South Africa’s leading and largest debt management company.

Sow a Seed and watch it grow! To find out more about how you can see MIRACLES HAPPEN in your finances visit

If you receive voicemail or robocall from Hartman Mediation Group, watch this video to find whether it’s a scam or legit debt collector call!
Here’s an example of voicemail: “This message is solely intended for calling to inform you that as of today you’re under review regarding a complaint that has been filed against you _?_ in connection with the transaction _?_?_ previously authorized as well as your possible involvement an investigation of depth of goods and services either you or your attorney must contact the filing party today at Hartman mediation group 833-648-0031 failure to respond will result in the entering of a guilty plea on your behalf as well as the suspension of your state drivers license you have been notified thank you…”

Debt Review is a debt solution targeted at South Africans who are struggling to make debt repayments.

ARS debt consultants helps clients organise an affordable, realistic and structured monthly budget and debt management plan.

We also help clients facing financial difficulties solve their debt problems and empower them to take back control over their financial situation by negotiating with creditors and initiating a payment plan.
Debt Review provides clients with a guideline for eliminating and remaining out of debt.

Contact Us Now
Calls: 021 201 6486
Whatsapp: 081 768 3100


Ira SmithTrustee & Receiver Inc. 167 Applewood Crescent #6, Concord, On L4K 4K7 (647) 799-3312

You do debt consolidation in Canada to simplify your life. I discuss the advantages and disadvantages and when it works really well.
debt consolidation in canada
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I want to give special thanks to Total Debt Freedom for releasing Canadian Debt Help – The Good, Bad & Ugly.

Here are some of my other favorite youtubers and their videos!
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What can be included in debt consolidation?
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Take a look at Total Debt Freedom stats and you’ll understand why I am a fan.

Video Url:
Video Title: Canadian Debt Help – The Good, Bad & Ugly
Username: Total Debt Freedom
Subscribers: 9.1K
Views: 2,059 views

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Meet 27-year-old Paul. He’s dedicated his life to the pursuit of pleasure. Trouble is his finances can’t keep up. Despite earning £1800 a month, his debt has reached a hair-raising £36,000. Paul works as an event and music promoter, but for him, every day is a big event. His dream is to run his own company catering to the jet-set. In reality, he’s heading for skid row.

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In this podcast Morris Fischer discusses the mediation process, what you expect at the mediation. He goes the biggest mistakes people make mediation. Are you prepared for mediation?

Contact Morris E. Fischer, LLC for a consultation at 800-209-2608 or contact us on the web at Morris practices in the Washington DC Metro Area and New York. His office handles federal cases nationwide. Get Debt Counselling Help – Debt Counselling will help you get rid of your debt, avoid repossession and pay one reduced installment to creditors.