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It’s that time of year when we all make promises to ourselves about getting out of credit card debt. It’s time to take yourself seriously. Credit Cards are instruments of modern financial slavery and the sad truth is most of us do this to ourselves. Nobody forces us to rack up credit card debt. We usually justify it to ourselves but saying “I deserve this” or something like that. But the truth is the things we put on the credit card rarely buy us any happiness and serve only to force us into working for someone else’s benefit. So it’s time to make 2022 that year that you finally took yourself seriously enough to control your spending and free yourself from the slavery of credit card debt. You can slow the bleeding by getting yourself a new card that offers 0% interest on balance transfers for 12-18 months and no balance transfer fee. That buys you time. But the real work to be done is to get that spending under control!

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How To Get Rid of A DEBT CONSOLIDATION LOAN by Robert kiyosaki. It’s time you start living for the now with these simple tips to get rid of your debt consolidation loan. Find out why you may want to use this type of loan to get rich in real estate. In this video, you will find out how Robert Kiyosaki uses debt to invest in real estate.

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Is Debt Consolidation Good for You

Our 0% debt consolidation offer will save you money

Personal Loans to Consolidate Debt – Discover Personal Loans

Our 0% debt consolidation offer will save you money

Thorn Finance – O% Finance Debt Consolidation Loan

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Better Than Debt Consolidation

My Debt Consolidation Loan is Hurting My Cash Flow!

In debt? Thinking of getting a consolidation loan? See 6 dangers! Paul J. Pickering and Associates

Student Loans and Repayment Strategies


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What Would Happen If The Goverment Stopped Raising The Debt Limit And Spending Money? Also What would happen if Social Security was to run out?

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**Here’s how to stick it to credit card debt collectors with arbitration**

When you get sued for debt collection for a credit card debt, your original contract may include an Arbitration clause.

Use that arbitration clause against them.

Go here to find your original credit card agreement and see if it has an arbitration clause in it.

If it does, contact us at to start your Petition to Arbitrate.

They’ll be so scared, they’ll drop your lawsuit.


Use to generate your response to the petition. Seriously, we’ll file for you and even have an attorney review the document:

50 State Guide on How To Answer a Summons for Debt Collection:

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Debt Counselling can consolidate your debt into one easy payment and clear your credit record. For a free assessment, contact us today!

If you are juggling multiple debts, a debt consolidation loan could make it easier for you to manage your repayments.

A debt consolidation loan combines some or all of your existing debts, such as credit cards, personal loans, car loans, and other high-interest loan products, into one personal loan.

The idea behind debt consolidation is to make it easier to manage your repayments.

Here’s a quick explainer animation video on what to know about how debt consolidation loans work, and things that need to be considered.


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