Have you found yourself overwhelmed or struggling to keep up with different debt payments each month? Or perhaps your interest rates are higher than average and costing you a ton of money and you are wondering, “Is debt consolidation a good idea?”

In today’s video, we are going to discuss what debt consolidation is, more importantly how it works and if it’s a good idea for you.

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Debt Counselling is a consensual restructured repayment plan which serves as a debt help mechanism for the consumer.

Sejumlah debt collector di Palembang, Sumatra Selatan, menganiaya anggota polisi di sebuah mal. Insiden itu diduga terjadi karena debt collector berusaha menarik mobil yang dikendarai korban. Kasus dugaan penganiayaan anggota polisi ini pun tengah dalam penyelidikan oleh Polda Sumatra Selatan.


I take the time to explain the two concepts and what I believe to be the better option between the two.

Everyone’s situation is different and your decision about how to deal with your debt should be made only by yourself. So please note that this is not financial advise, just financial information.

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Debt counseling is the real way to ease the burden of the debts and truly stop the harassing phone calls is to settle your debts.


If you visit our Google reviews you can read our current and past clients reviews and make an informed choice about who you want on your side through the process of debt review.

Choosing the right company to get you out of debt is a big choice that should be done with as much information as possible.

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Beat the bank at farm debt mediation.

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