Does it sound CRAZY that if you tap to clear the ENERGETIC’S of Debt and that will have a REAL impact on your actual debt?

Well this happens in 2 ways! So listen to what is energetically “held” in your debt and then Tap with me to Shift right now!

here is what people find…first, yes, cool weird things happen where unexpected things happen to reduce our debt FASTER!

Secondly after this big shift, people’s actions around their debt CHANGE in a huge way creating a massive impact…it is truly miraculous what can happen after clearing the old, negative energy! Your power to create what you want focuses and amplifies!

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It might sound simple to put all of your debts into one big basket… but the downsides may surprise you!

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More than 43 million Americans owe a collective $1.7 trillion in college debt with experts calling it a student loan crisis. NBC News’ Shaquille Brewster is in Wisconsin speaking with recent graduates about how they feel about President Biden’s initial plan in supporting federal forgiveness of student loans.

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Today’s video is all about How I manifested way out of debt and how I managed to get rid of this debt and fine so that I no longer needed to pay a fine / debt.

This is an interesting story of how I had no money and focused on manifesting my way out of debt so that I did not need to pay. I was unemployed and I did not have any income or a full time job at this point but yet I didn’t let my fear of having no money in my bank account or my fear of not having a job affect me from getting this fined wiped clean.

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This video describes a situation where spouses are married in community of property, applies for debt review and then a spouse passes away, what happens to that estate and what should you do as a Debt Counsellors.

In this video, I share one of the best debt consolidation loans which is Payoff Debt Consolidation Loans!

Payoff Loans




FINANCIAL DISCLAIMER: I am not a lawyer and I am not a financial advisor! Any advice I give is solely based on MY OWN EXPERIENCE and MY OWN RESEARCH and is my views and opinions for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY! There is no guarantee as there are many variables that will impact your success. Everything stated on my videos and on my channel is for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY and should be taken as OPINON and NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE!

Too Many Households Are Struggling With Debt.
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Meet Jurie ad Karlien. Take a look at how we reduced their debt and increased their cash flow by R7,365.00 per month.

Is debt consolidation a good idea? In this video you can find debt consolidation explained, and the truth about debt consolidation. Beware – Some debt consolidation deals are just a scam!

0:23 What is debt consolidation?
0:55 Good debt consolidation example
2:16 Bad debt consolidation example
3:29 Other issues debt consolidation has
3:55 Debt consolidation summary

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Credit Counselling of Atlantic Canada — 2008 Success Story