[275] Mass Wal-Mart Arrests, Obama’s ‘Killing Machine’, Occupying the Debt

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On this episode of Breaking the Set, Abby Martin remarks on news that Wal-Mart workers will be expected to work on Thanksgiving, and calls attention to the a…


www9308 says:

?/ This is Bob. Copy and paste him
/? all over youtube
/ so he can take over
and return the old comment section

Peter S. López says:

? [275] Mass Wal-Mart Arrests, Obama’s ‘Killing Machine’, Occupying the Debt
http://youtu.be/in7xOSZldK0 ~Pub Nov 12, 2013 @AbbyMartin

TorontoLibertarian says:

If you go back and watch Abby’s older stuff, you can kind of understand her
perspective better.

drmeola says:

I did not read every comment here, but from I have read many have missed a
point. The boy was shot, tragic for a few reasons, one it shouldn’t have
happened no matter the age of the victim. Two more importantly even if the
gun was real, all have the right to open carry a rifle down the street it’s
called the second Amendment and no permit is needed this is across the
Union. Hand guns ONLY require permit.

keithempower says:

Rolling Jubille is a great way to help increase support for a revolution.
IF Costco can pay better wages, So can Walmart..If people Boycotted
Walmart, like African-Americans did in the 60s with the Bus Boycott that
went on for 381days,Walmart would be forced to comply to the wishes of the
people because of a massive loss of profit..on a global scale..The problem
is Brainwashed consumers act like crack addicts .

TOMBOI50 says:

If a person has a AK47 replica and wouldn’t drop it for the police then I
can see why the police shot him, the airsoft AK47 looked real to me.
I don’t agree with the police shooting the boy, they should have tazered
him after he refused to drop the gun however kept 1 officer with a real gun
just in case and the police should have given him more time.
I don’t agree with the officer shooting an entire magazine and a warning
shot in the air would have scared him and make him drop the gun.
This is sad however he shouldn’t have been outside on the streets with what
looks like a real gun.

rick baladeras says:

Abby in over 275 episodes BTS has done viewer feed back about 8 or 9
times.and you roughly spend 1 minute maybe 1 minute 30 seconds on the
viewer feedback segment. If BTS is going spend on average 1 minute on the
viewer feed back segment would it be possible to do the viewer feedback
segment more often. since BTS is averaging viewer feedback every 43.5

rosepetal386 says:

what a beautiful women and that voice,wow! would like to see her on naked
news,my dick would love it…

AMG7771 says:

how about the option to not be fed PIOSON in our food, water and Air that
would low the amount of people getting sick to begin with.

er4se1 says:

walmart encapsulates everything that is wrong w/ our consumer culture &
race to the bottom…

landloper1986 says:

hey abby, could you please find a few good cops left, invite them on the
show, we need a few good examples, because this is just getting ……..

Yagyuu Gisen19 says:

If the president wasn’t a puppet he could make a huge difference..This old
man seems a bit brain damaged..Boycott wal-mart

mcdonagh4 says:

Great program , good piece on Obombers duplicity from day 1 on health care.
But it was hardly a secret. The appointment of Max Baucus , [ he and his
wife work for big Pharma and the HMOs] signaled that single payer was a non

TheNotoriousKRP says:

What ya’ll need is to question less, and stay off the streets or face a
bloody mess
my simple mission is to conquer the globe, ima do it with these mad
hell-fire drones
my deeds are righteous says the 1%, but ya’ll need to just chill and let me

ace digger says:

One solution to stop cops from killing the innocent, indefinite detention
in a federal pen.

Majoofi says:

they should all walk out on thanksgiving and dump the turkey and potatoes
in front of the door.

Pinn Hed says:

People we can fix this ourselves. Don’t set foot in a Walmart and if you
work there goin a union and STRIKE…happy thanksgiving

Mike J says:

ROLLING JUBILEE ! What a great idea !!!!! Thanks Abby for good reports !!!

talksolot says:

of course it has to do with race! picture a bunch of cops murdering a white
child. you can’t because they don’t do that.

Waqas Amin says:

Jemima Goldsmith also did a documentary on drones called unammanned… will
you not cover it?

EkonRekon says:

Why do you go to work Abby? Ain’t it to make ends meat? And who is to blame
for holiday shopping? The stores or the patrons? If WalMart stock hit the
floor, they closed stores, laid off people… what about that Abby?? It
ain’t much but it’s all some people got. At least THAT corporation operates
in the US and employs people here! Why don’t you do some real work on
corporations and decry the loss of manufacturing, textiles, and technology
while bringing attention to the loss of the charter system!

Mel Olsen says:

04:44.. obama’s such a weird dude, sometimes I just can’t wrap my mind
around who he is!!

able rabbit says:

Nothing wrong with a bit of thanks and a little bit of giving. The cops
should be determined by temperament. There sounds like a bunch of angry
people are running around with a license to kill. I wouldn’t want to be

Keep up the good work Abby and you might make that little black book.

DmeshOnPS3 says:

even if the kid had a real gun, would that have been illegal? if he had
been a hunter walking home, with orange camo on, would the cops have shot
him? since when has it be illegal to have a gun? i wrote “this is not a
gun” on my bb gun because of things like that. pigs are very corrupt in my
small town.

ron hall says:

Speaking of debt…the latest great fraud rip off happening now(2013) in
the US has to do with the 1+ trillion $$ STUDENT LOAN debt outstanding! In
essence, fraud- oriented lenders are passing out huge loans to young
people. A student who has to drop out or simply can’t find work to pay off
a typical 40,000 loan has been told that he/she cannot declare bankruptcy
and will face a life time of payments even living in sheer poverty. That
is, they think they cannot “discharge” the bankruptcy rules.

What has now been established however, is that these loans are just like
the sub-prime home loans which are being and have been SECURITIZED–in lay
terms, the original lender sell the loan and the buyer may sell it again
until the can create a “bond” of 100 of 1000s stamped AAA. This bond will
pay a higher than normal yield and is no doubt “insured” by Credit Default
Swaps .Herein lies the crime and the ability for the depressed student to
escape paying off a note which has been split from its’ loan document. It
is the same dynamic which caused millions of swindled homeowners to leave
their homes due to foreclosure when, unbeknownst to them, they could’ve
turned on, say, B of A , for example and said(with a lawyer) “SHOW ME THE
NOTE!” Since B of A had no idea where note was(Countrywide had it
originally, then went bankrupt and B of A bought Countrywide’s
Abby, bring on an attorney or Max K to flush this out please. I know parts
of it, but I ain’t an expert. What I do know is that a huge number of
students are being preyed upon and, if properly equipped can escape a grim
future. I do not know what % of lenders are doing this–but it is big.
check out studentloansstudentloans site.

Albert Cadda says:

From what I’ve read about the officer who shot that 13 year old kid, the
officer seems to be taking it very hard. Hah!

If the officer is so remorseful, I have a solution for his remorse. The
officer should allow the family of the dead teenager to have one free shot
at the officer. Allowing this would prove to the world if, indeed, he is
truly remorseful.

PaulJFleischer says:

Hi Abby,

I just want to say that your coverage of Andy Lopez is really needed….I
could see the authentic distress in your face during the interview with
Arnoldo Casillas and I share this distress with you…We really need to
heal ourselves because the powers that be are not on the business of

pauleytrex says:

Political system and the money system is outdated. It’s time to move pass
that. There’s a new paradigm on the horizon: THEVENUSPROJECT COM

HaShomer ShelTorah says:

In the “Big Picture” promo, it is mentioned that this country is a
democracy. This is wrong, this country is a constitutional republic.

Shmerpy says:

What is Justice? In the young Andy case, I mean, we could sentence the
officer to life. We could hang him. We could chop him into little pieces
with a penknife. It doesn’t matter. Andy is still dead.

What’s the solution? I don’t know…

Jennifer Knotsmed says:
Pierre Larochelle says:

When the police investigate themselves for a crime, what do you think they
will find? Are you surprised that they protect themselves.

This incident by the officer(s) is disgusting and unbelievable! What’s
going on? Do they hire psychopaths to be police officers now?

Chris Rose says:

Abby, I’m trying to enjoy your channel; what’s with all the walking around?
It often distracts from the points you’re trying to drive home, I feel.

InfiniteNallidge says:

don’t shop at walmart and walmart goes away but in the vacuum a new power
arises. the system is gamed we are all gonna die……..some day…….

R.A.W.W. says:

Breaking The Set – [275] Wal-Mart’s Thanksgiving Slavery, Obama’s Killing
Machine, Occupying the Debt: [275] Wal-Mart’s Thanksgiving Slavery, Obama’s
Killing Machine, Occupying the Debt On this episode of Breaking the Set,
Abby Martin remarks on news that Wal-Mart workers will be… @AbbyMartin

fernando fernandez says:

We’re is Christopher dorner to give us justice . From the injustice legal

Ryein Goddard says:

Did Abby say CODification? Like Call of Duty? Abby lets play some games

Robert Stackhouse says:

Abby, thank you for all that you do

Aaron Leone says:

Unsubscribed. Just not doing it for me. So bias.

TheLoner47 says:



I like the formaT OF MOVEMENT and content on TARGET

CmdrGendoIkari says:

Feeding GMO fed turkeys to GMO fed turkeys. ;-P

Keith Richards says:

No more arrests for protests!

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