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I am $28,000 in debt and here’s what I’m doing about it.

Where you can find me:
Instagram https://bit.ly/2eOEzAX
Website https://bit.ly/2T8rPqB
Goodreads https://bit.ly/2RNXEqZ
FB group https://bit.ly/2st8bJK

Where I get my music from:
Musicbed https://bit.ly/2Cqfcjn

Musicbed is great for youtubers and creatives as it provides a HUGE selection of music free from copyright so that you can still monetize your videos.

Things I mentioned:
Pocketbook app https://bit.ly/2thEITv
The Total Money Makeover https://amzn.to/2GnzNsS
The Barefoot Investor https://amzn.to/2MYSnIj
Unshakeable https://amzn.to/2WUtq5l
The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success https://amzn.to/2RTtn6b
You’re a Badass https://amzn.to/2Su9h7O
You’re a Badass at Making Money https://amzn.to/2E4y6OE
Jim Rohns Ultimate Library https://adbl.co/2DvW1ID
The 70% Rule https://bit.ly/2BTMp9Q
OHIO Method https://bit.ly/2MXtgW7
Ground Up with Ryan Bowles https://bit.ly/2UQsWve

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Jacqui Ho says:

thank you, thank you, thank you for this.

Marina Levitskaya says:

Thanks for this video, I would love to see more! I have been struggling with my budget planning recently, so this video is really inspiring ?also i have been struggling with mood swings recently (okay, for the last 5 months). One day i feel super exited and full of energy, and the next day (like today) i just lay in bed for 2 hours, because i just have no strength to get up and start living my life. So if you’ve ever experienced the same issue it would be great to hear some of your advice. Lots of love ?

emily brooks says:

This is such a helpful video! Thanks for talking about this, not many people are willing to discuss things like this

Natasha Rutters says:


Morgan Karlee says:

The greatest gift my parents ever gave me was a debt free education. I am eternally grateful. Even though I am not in debt I keep myself on a tight budget so that I can eventually buy a home 🙂

Miranda says:

Love, Love, Love! Thank you so much for shining a light on this. My friend, who is a financial advisor, says how it's so taboo to talk about one's finances, but it's so easy to talk about one's sex life these days. I graduated not too long ago and was always complaining how I never have money. However, the reality is I do have money, but I just wasn't using it wisely. I've started tackling my student debt and still have a ways to go, so I with you on this journey!

Madison Carter says:

I'm going to graduate with like $280,000 of debt after med school…. RIP

Mercier Noémie says:

Thanks for the inspiration and tips. Your book recommandation are so welcome! And wow. It is brave to face these money day-to-day challenge. Please make a series of out this subject if you find the time!

Kat says:

I started the barefoot investor a month ago.. still working out the kinks but I’m loving it so far! I also purchased the barefoot families book and started my boys on it! Great vid.. and would definitely love a finance series. Welcome back to Australia ??

lochdawg666 says:

this is great thanks for sharing

Madeline Djerf says:

would LOVE a budget series!!!!! you da best!!!!!!!

smileismy says:

what did you study?

kaz coll says:

thanks for this info, Nina. If I see you in the street here in Sydney, I will say hello 🙂

Anna Geddes says:

I've been working my way through a lot of budgeting channels and would recommend two in particular- Aja Dang and Stacey Flowers. they couldn't be further apart, with Stacey aiming to spend just 50 dollars a month on food to combat her 200k debt, and Aja earns around 20k a month and is able to pay bulk sums at once. But both have great tips and Aja is particularly motivational! Xoxoxox

Roisin Connell says:

Keep pausing because I don't want to think about money or debt or budgets – HOWEVER keep pressing play because I know we should and can and it's not worth letting discomfort get in the way. Thanks for your bravery & for making this video.

Clara Sophie says:

Thank you so much for this video Nina! This came at just the right time! Would love for you to make more content on this topic. Currently studying and had to take out a student loan as well so the earlier I learn the better! (p.s. food shopping esp. in nice organic stores is my biggest weakness I just love to get all the nice organic veg and health foods so would loooove to see your take on how to budget there!) sending you lots of love! so jealous but also happy you're in sydney one of my favourite places in the world xxxx

Christine Soukiassian says:

Thank you thank you thank you!

Caroline Laura says:

this video is so inspiring! i have a similar goal for 2019, to be more intentional with my money and the products i spend it on! just recently i was at walmart and i saw an adorable sweater for $11.86 and i wanted to buy it so badly, but i really thought about it and realized that it would probably last me a couple months before starting to have holes in it, because the quality just isn’t there, you know? so i decided not to buy it and to wait on something more ethically made and also support a better company than walmart! i’d love for this to be a series, i think we need to talk about money more often as millennials because i think in one form or another we are all struggling!

Angie R says:

We didn't figure this out until we were in our 40's. Good on you for getting it now at only 26. Dave Ramsey is so abrasive but his podcast / YT channel really helped us. It's been really hard to let go of spending unquestioned but I've grown so much outside of myself because of this journey of debtfree, minimalism, fast fashion blablabla…. the IG debt free community is really helpful and supportive if someone needs extra encouragement.

florinated says:

Published in 1999, "Your Money of Your Life" by Joe Dominguez and Vikki Robbins is the best book on personal finance I have ever read. I read it every few years to refresh. Money=Life energy.

Amrutha B says:

Love this video!! You are such a great inspiration!! Could you pls make this into a series? I would really love some budgeting tips!!!

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