3 Best Personal Loans (2018)

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The 3 best personal loan companies I found online!
LightStream Loans (My #1 Pick): http://bit.ly/lightsteam_loans (I may be compensated by LightStream through this link.)

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The best personal loans I found were American Express personal loans, SoFi and LightStream Loans. I’ll cover them each in-depth. Enjoy.

Each of these personal loan lenders have pros and cons, so I’ll cover each of them and I’ll let you know how I feel about their loan options. It was very hard to find low interest personal loans online, because there are so many to choose from. But these lenders don’t charge any dirty origination fees or pre-payment penalties and they have instant approval, which is sometimes hard to find.

Personal loans can be very expensive, so watch this video and hopefully you’ll learn something new. And keep in mind that you’ve gotta have good credit to be approved for these loans. Bad credit won’t work with these lenders.

Overall I felt like American Express is the best personal loan for smaller loans with shorter lengths (like 12-36 months). They have great rates and terms, but you’ve gotta be a cardmember to qualify.

SoFi is incredible because of all their perks and transparency, but when it came down to their actual rates, they were a little higher than the competitors.

My top pick goes to LightStream Loans Because overall they have the most lending options and the best rates for larger unsecured loans. and they have au

Just remember that personal loans aren’t always the best option for loans, but if you need one, then I’d look into these three choices. Thanks

American Express Personal Loans: http://bit.ly/amex_hf
SoFi: Asked that the link be removed 🙁


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Uriel Ugalde says:

Can I get a personal Loan if I want a car? It’s older than 10 years so the bank won’t finance me

DithsHauteSpot says:

For the 3 mentioned, if you paid off your loan before the allotted time, are there any penalty fees? For example, say you got one for 24 months & paid it off within 6 months?

Crz entertainment says:

Personal loans??..i can help you. Here my phone whatsapp+573175588949

Vinson Games says:

I’m 18 years old and I need $5000 in loans. Carecredjt denied me but I have 761 credit score with no bad history. Help

Nemode Gaming says:

I had great credit. Then Capital One did their credit check and sent me below fair credit score… I cried a little. Cause now i cant find any other ways to get back to where i was in credit. Any advice on those things? :/

Bobby Ballsack says:

I only watched this video cause Bill Stencil made a comment

Chelsey Smith says:

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Jacob Firlotte says:

I’m turning 19 next week. I’ve never had a credit card I don’t have any kind of debt. I wanna get a loan for my first car probably around 3000. I clear about 600 every pay. How would I go about getting a loan and could I?

J Fulkerson says:

My credit is 640 I’ve had it for two years. My bank Wells Fargo denied me for have a bad history of payment. The past couple of months I have been more financially responsible. How do I get a personal loan for 5k ? Thanks

Nancy Vang says:

I would like to get a loan for my business but I have a car eviction on my history due to my ex husband not paying the bills. How much can I get and where to apply ?

Sexytrollman 502 says:

Can I get a loan for a vacation to Vegas?

most everything says:

are those for people staying in united state alone? or one can apply for them from any country?

Brian Lo Bianco says:

Man, it's impossible for me to get a loan anywhere. My credit score is above 750 but I'm an independent worker. I tried your two options (I don't have an AE card) plus Marcus and lending tree. Where else can I go to get a loan where the chances of getting approved are higher? I don't care about the fees and stuff like interest.

Being Reality says:

What a "personal loan" video.

Luis Moreno says:

Hell no American Express sucks

Brian Lo Bianco says:

What do you guys think of TD Bank express loan?

Robert Rosales says:

Thanks ???

B'TaraNie NieB'Rit says:

Mother fucker lier….

Scott Cartwright says:

I want 100 thousands dollars were did I get that

kyle drake says:

im down for 5,000$ for 144 months lol

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