9 Characteristics of Debt Free People (How to Become Debt Free)

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9 Characteristics of Debt Free People (How to Become Debt Free)

What characteristics make up the debt free community? Those who become and stay debt free aren’t your typical people as so many in today’s world become consumed by instant gratification and overspending. With debt payments devouring a large chunk of our paychecks, it’s incredibly difficult to not only save up for future purchases but set aside money for wealth creation. This video covers some of the traits of people who are debt free and are able to sleep better at night and live a less stressful life because of it.


Chris Invests says:

The best book on paying off debt: https://amzn.to/3d6jEWl

MoneyWise MOM says:

Chris this is so helpful and inspirational. I am heartbroken by debt still have a little way to go but live for my debt free day!!!! Love supporting a fellow YouTuber keep up the great job!!

DebtFree Dad says:

Great bid, follow my debt free journey.

ichra7com darija says:

Great video but I will ask you to add subtitles in English to share it with my family

Eric James, CPA, PFS says:

+1 to the "They're Confident" point and I see this in almost all of my HNWI clients. With most of them, if you saw them on the street you'd never know they were worth a few million. Rules to live by! Great video!

Growth Mindset says:

Chris, I think you nailed this right on the head…great job! Now being debt free isnt always a good think, if you own cash flowing real estate, having debt in hand is good for many reasons. First lien on property keeps attorneys away from taking your property because the bank gets the debt first, cash on cash is better, tax write offs for interests paid…and the list goes on. Cheers!

Hà M?nh ??t vlog says:

he he he thong bao nhiêu v?y ch? c?ng có cái này có ai ?âu a ? ??


Nice sharing. New friend here


Great info in dealing with debt. Like your animations. Supporting your work.

RicoSuave IPOs says:

All very true.. especially learning how to say NO 🙂

Martin Hamilton says:

Great info and so true about the stuff. Chris your videos are really good and what video service are you creating with? InVideo is good but they don't have hand drawn. Powtoons is ok but hard to use. Toonly seems good too.

Jessie - Opportunity Cost Investing says:

Being debt free is worth the opportunity cost IMO. Thanks for sharing Chris, these are very important traits Im always looking to develop.

T?N L?C VLOG says:

52 like ??

Oh My Goals! says:

Lots of great insight but I can definitely relate to the consequences of unplanned shopping! It took me a long time to get out of that all-too-common habit. I still shop but not mindlessly as I used to. Nice video!

Naveen V says:

Good Video on debt free lifestyle, need and luxury, mindset to build a stress free life.
I can personally relate to the video because i have overcome some of the problems like not tempting for temporary happiness which can drag me to debt. And been investing and on the way to pay off the debt, but at the same time not sacrificing all of the needs of the family. Most cases discuss with them and explain the pros and cons. So they can also understand that we can afford but it's not the right time. By this kind of mindset i m able to clear off my 60 percent of debt. Kudos to the video.

Janice Weaver says:

Debt free is stress free! Thanks Chris for this, it's good stuff.

Unorthodox Savings says:

I became debt free in the summer and I’m about to add more debt with my first real estate property? but I agree you shouldn’t compare yourself to others especially when it comes to money it’ll drive you insane. Great content as always

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