A TRAP for Debt Defendants – Beware this Rule!

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There’s a rule of pretrial procedure that debt defendants need to know. If the other side submits exhibits before trial, you probably have to object to them – before trial and within a specified amount of time – or the exhibits will come in automatically.


badeldorado says:

sewer service by process servers, number one tactic by debt collectors, entrapment. phony proofs of service. I have seen process servers lie in court to a Judge that they served a person a summons. They are lying scum. If you go to court have another person say they are you and in court when the Judge asks if the server did serve this person a summons and it is not you the server just kicked themselves in the balls. A good process server will take your photo giving you a summons. The system is corrupt and once you are a victim of sewer service no Judge cares and you're automatically guilty. Go to the courthouse and pull the case files and look for any discrepancies. It's the last thing people do and a valuable tool because of the paper trail these debt collectors make mistakes.

Wes Jackson says:

I already submitted my answer to a summons. At the end of it said Exhibit A. It's now August 11th and my court date is August 24th. Do I have to go to the courthouse and object?? Portfolio Recovery Associates is suing me.

Creativenauts says:

How do we find out if this exists in our jurisdiction 100%?

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