August Debt Review | Debt Payoff Update

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The numbers are in for the month of August.

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Road to FIRE says:

You guys are rocking it! This is inspiring. Working on paying off $37K in debt.


nice content, New friend sending so much love and support, stay connected in my house

Brittany Frentz says:

Great job reaching your goal! Like everyone else, I love your payment of $.98. It absolutely all counts so good on you for making sure that payment wasn’t overlooked! We’ve been debating an end of summer yard sale but haven’t convinced ourselves we have enough to justify one, thanks for the $4 encouragement to make that happen because at least I’d be able to read a good book. ?

simone Kelly says:

Woohoo 40% is amazing! Congrats on meeting your goal! ??
I’m hoping to pay off 50% of my student loan and meet my saving goal by year end. Just in case of lay offs in the winter with the pandemic in the states.
Thanks for sharing!

Journey from DEBT to WEALTH says:

Wow congrats on paying almost 40%… I began my journey out of $82,145 debt in June 2020. I also use eBay as my side tool to payoff debt.

Debt.FreeLife says:

I love that you made a .98 payment. It is so motivating. It says find the change, make the effort and pay it off!!

NeliaRose says:

This is pretty dam awesome!!! 40% you are smashing that debt 🙂 That is such a good way to look at things in regards to what your husband said. It will all be beneficial in the end even if you have to make sacrifices now. 🙂 Loved the update 🙂

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