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CTV Morning Live’s Lianne Laing gets straight talk about debt and credit with K3C Credit Counselling.

Dr Tan Cheng Bock helped to start the Credit Counselling Singapore (CCS)

Martin Carette is a Accredited Credit Councillor with the Employment and Education Centre in Brockville. He recently sat down with FYI host Doreen Barnes to discuss how the EEC Centre can help you with this amazing free service!

Joel Grise of K3C Credit Counselling was today’s Ask the Expert on CTV Morning Live.

Creditline, Wesley Mission aims to provide a professional and comprehensive, sufficiently funded, specialist financial counselling service for individuals and their families who are suffering financial difficulties.

We offer face-to face counselling and support to those dealing with the emotional trauma and distress caused by financial crises. Our aim is to enhance financial independence and assist clients to self-manage their own financial situations.

FInd out more about Creditline services:


Call the Credit and Debt Hotline at 1800 808 488,

With the understanding of how many people are struggling financially during this pandemic, Amanda and the team at Consumer Credit Counselling have remained open to help clients with their finance. They have also made innovative ways to virtually assist anyone with their needs.

Consumer Credit Counselling:
Top Choice Credit Counselling of 2020 in Vancouver

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Credit Counselling Society – The First Phone Call

K3C Credit Counselling has tips on how to manage your finances this holiday season.

A Debt Management Plan may be the right option for people who are really struggling to satisfy their debts. For confidential advice from an NFCC trained, certified counselor, call 1-800-388-2227 or visit