Conducting Discovery in Debt Defense – Defending the lawsuit against Debt Collectors

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Getting started on defense, and getting started on discovery are key to self defense in debt cases. For help defending yourself correctly and powerfully from debt collectors, check us out at

One of the first steps in defending yourself in debt litigation is beginning discovery – you should not wait for the debt collectors to start their discovery before you start yours.


Luis Rivera says:

I've been sued and i did answer the petition….. now our court date is schedule for next year.. today I recieved in the mail a letter for Prepared Interrogatories and Request for Admission from the plaintiff….. do I have to answer it?

onenite2nite says:

what about vacating a default judgment

Angelknot8 says:

I know there is a list of items a credit card must be able to have as evidence in court but for some reason I'm finding nothing more then the fair debt act of what they can and can't do to try to collect. Could you guide me to finding the list for Pennsylvania?

budda395 says:

Hi,I am on SSI, . Each month just barely make ends meet. I had took out mtg. loan in 2005. My loan was transfer 4 or 5x. Now my loan is under mtg LLc company not a real bank. On Dec/15/2015, i received letter from mtg.LLC. stated that I have to provide my tin or ss#. The SS# is wrong in their system. If i failure to give them correct number or complete form W-9 carries a penalty of 50.00. In addition if i do not provide my TIN for IRS reporting, they will be required to withhold 28% of refunds issued to me and pay this to the IRS on my behalf. Which mean my mtg amount is $500.00 they will charge me $600.00 in total. It is like asking stone to grow bleed. I feel In 10 years of tranfering my account (if their is one)is loss.This letter is dated Jan/26/2015(wrong dec/15/2015) This is unfair and deceptive.Please help. Thank You. anthony2hips

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