Debt bomb: Are we on the brink of another global financial crisis?

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This week marks a decade since the collapse of the US investment bank Lehman Brothers triggered the worst global financial crisis since the Great Depression.
What became known as the Global Financial Crisis saw banks collapse and even whole countries teeter on the brink of insolvency.
While much of the world fell into prolonged recession, Australia’s economy narrowly avoided that fate – but 10 years on, many individual Australians are still paying the price.
Now, there are new warnings from financial insiders that the global economy could be even more vulnerable to a repeat meltdown.

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nromk says:

the world's two largest economies building up debt, that's going to leave a mark on the world.

Marisol Sanchez says:

Hopefully if we Americans get rid of many corrupt politicians we can prevent this. Its voting day today. Woot Woot!

Stellar says:

What movie was that in the beginning with Steve Carell and Ryan Gosling?

Nikki Burris says:

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Tomherbs says:

This is like an intro into a Mad Max movie

meet Singh says:

But questions is who is making most out of that fake debt bubble

'Eternal Optimism... says:

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tom boy says:

Europeans made this global colonial capitalism construct complex system

tom boy says:

Fuc your global colonial capitalism construct complex.

tom boy says:

Man made money shytstem.. ran by evil ass degenerate ppl

Alex462047 says:

Instead of raising the interest rates in '08-'09, central banks threw money in at low percentages to try to keep the then boom going. They should just have let these "too big to fails" fall over. It would have hurt, but QE has just postponed the hurt and stored up more for later in a low-grade Weimar republic kind of way. Now the problem is much worse. We'll have to see how it plays out.

Secret Admirer says:

0:08 is that the Mooch?

Al Loomis says:

usa spends more on munitions than on infrastructure or education. financial collapse is certain, and even the time is not far distant. foreigners are selling off their t-bonds very
quietly but consistently. the pin will hit the balloon any day.

faisalhaider007 says:

Too much Zionism blind following is finally taking it's toll on US.
They will sink, and sink real bad.
First Zionists took control over their economy, then started to invest in Hindu religion people and place them all over major designations so they can bring Christians more under their control, by dethroning them in most fields of society.

Finally all their wrong steps are striking them, and with heavy blows 🙂

JC Denver says:

2008 financial crisis, China bought $4T US debt to save US economy. If you were Chinese government, are you going to save the US financial crisis this time?

Rob says:

The untold story is the reality of the so called "stimulus package". That reality is when the government created such a give away grant for people it was paid from a series of deficit federal budgets that continued for some years. That deficit continuation is now part of Australia's Federal financial history.

That being so the deficits are funded by borrowing either by monetary expansion or by selling government treasuries to anyone who is willing to buy them. When that happens those treasuries have to be paid back in dollars on maturity. Either taxation is used to pay them back or further Federal treasuries are sold on the market to repay the older treasury debt payments.

In any case there only entities who can pay for the deficits are real persons who pay either by direct taxation or by loss of purchasing power due to the government's selling
treasuries on the open market at an interest rate that others can't compete against so their private bonds have to have a higher interest attached to them to sell.

Additionally when those treasuries are sold they have an interest rate attached to them which taxpayers have to pay for during the life of the treasury.

Governments cannot pay off their own deficit themselves since they only have taxation of the private sector to make any sort of payment.

All debt created by governments becomes the burden of those in the private sector which is contrary what the promise of stimulation suggests.

There is no painless government stimulus but only painfully inaccurate economists and governments who promise such but can't deliver on their promises. .

Rob says:

The reality was that the reserve bank had no idea of the impending collapse of sub prime mortgages despite it being raised several years before.
Months before it happened they were predicting a rosy future with nothing untoward on the horizon.
Even after it happened they were none the wiser about what had caused it and still have the wrong idea of why it happened. Because they didn't know what caused it and how to rectify the situation they made the fundamental mistake that the US Fed had made in contributing to the collapse. i.e. lowering interest rates excessively which pushes up speculation on housing and lowering the returns from investments in productive industries.

The RBA report of August 2007 "For some months, the Board has recognised that stronger economic conditions were likely to put upward pressure on inflation, not withstanding some dampening influence from the higher exchange rate.".
The report of their governor Stevens and his group. "Sentiment in global credit markets has deteriorated recently after an earlier improvement and prospects for growth in the major economies appear to be weakening. It is unclear to what extent that will affect Asia, where conditions at this point look quite strong. But overall, it now appears likely that global growth will be closer to trend in 2008, after several years of above trend growth. ".

Report of March 2008 sates "At its meeting today, the Board decided to increase the cash rate by 25 basis points to 7.25 per cent, effective 5 March 2008.". Still raising interest rates to fight off inflation which they later saw reason to lower. Totally blind sided as to what was happening.

Lou Montana says:

Thank Trump.

Antionette Keys says:

Have the federal reserve bank write themselves an iou for the global debt ÷×3. Reset the financial system thus ending the dollar crisis ask them to systematically sell the stock in the new stock after a year in order to regain their wealth.

dracoboy says:

This collapse was already preplanned by Rothschild so NWO comes by.

Farmer Jimmy says:

This time we're going to see the real great recession 1929 will look like a breeze

Adam S says:

Thanks for the likes! Maybe I will give an insight into how a successful investor thinks if that would be useful to anyone in reference to financial management? Please reply if interested. Thanks

nathan k says:

I want to buy a house soon.. when is the time to buy ?

Adam S says:

There is a reason why finance is not taught in school, think about it? People playing at investing with no understanding will come unstuck (fact of life). Market crash, crisis, fall, depression whatever you want to call it actually makes sound assets a lot cheaper within the financial markets if you know how to research properly!!! I am a long-term investor

Marcelo Penaloza says:

We all are mules,they play nasty and no one can stop them cause they own the soldier's minds so they are going to bite you cause they just obey that big one when they sopose to defend you

Ian Muir says:

The bankers don't give a f— because we will bail them out

John W says:

The rich will become richer. The poor must learn the lesson all the time.

Duane Pigden says:

Due to regulations Canadian banks didn’t have the same problems as other countries banks in 2008.

Duane Pigden says:

I transferred everything to money market funds.

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