Debt collector extortion scam (CAJ mediation group)

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CAJ Mediation group attempting to conduct a credit card scam. Sounds like they are based out of Jamaica or some other Caribbean island.

Here is the phone number: 1-844-622-8179

Please inform your friends and family, especially those who are older. These people are ruthless and will not stop. This has been occurring for months despite me giving them a hard time whenever they call

My phone stopped recording half way through. Basically, this individual told me that I could settle with a credit card, so I gave him a BS number and asked if he was a scammer… He said no. I then told him that I was well aware that they were scammers and that I’d be forwarding their number to the authorities. I swore a bit at the end too… Wish you all could have heard that!

Notice how nervous he seems. He cannot tell me where this loan originates from.


Rebel Siren says:

There is another one of these scamming "credit mediation" that bullies, and harasses people, using intimidation tactics to instill fear and panic threatening court & jail time, etc., and they actually have people's previous addresses, full names, and SSNs! They also have some sort of access to old credit reports and cite some ancient credit card that people paid off or had discharged in a bankruptcy to try and illegally collect on while attempting to sound legitimate. Their toll free number is 877-338-3299 seems to be based in Atlanta GA, and one of the names of the callers (probably fake of course) is "Calvin Ward", sounds like a street thug phishing troll, not any kind of professional, and hangs up on people when questioned. These scammers are absolutely pathetic.

Boondox The scarecrow says:

I had some by the same name saying that they are from hrra . And the voice sounds the same

CALIFGUY 53 says:

Be careful guys. A few years ago, I got a call and it sounded like a black lady on the recording saying my name and something about a wage assignment. When I picked up and asked what it was about, she transferred me to her 'manager', who sounded like a professional person who seemed to know what he was doing.
He said something about a wage assignment and a 'potential' lawsuit. I almost burst out laughing and asked what this was about, he said something about a payday loan. I laughed out loud and said i don't have any payday loans and you don't have any damned wage assignement if you haven't even filed suit yet DUMBASS.. he cussed me out and hung up.. lol
I went online because the name of the company sounded legitimate, and on their website they had the number listed that this person was calling from and said it is NOT them, that someone is trying to collect fraudulent debts using their name.
Needless to say, that is the only scam so far that even sounded halfway legit, except the fool didn't know that basically one has to win a lawsuit and get a judgement BEFORE they get a wage assignment.. LOL

1ladyteefan says:

Sound like the same thing that was said to me except they weren't foreign and the company's name is Cardinal.

Jillian *** says:

I'm being scammed by these jerks right now. They call my family, they call my job. I'm reporting them to the attorney general.

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