Debt Update | Probably going into more debt..

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Teanna, 21, From Bronx, Ny & College in Washington, DC

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@davimison made it its a portrait on a white background

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Tash&Kai says:

Just paused the video real quick to give alittle info. I traveled to Cuba with my son for about $1500 two months ago. This included the $500 I took in cash. So you could def save some money there. Back to the video I go now lol!

Nia says:

Don’t you go to Georgetown University or GW? How did you get your tuition down to $1500? Scholarship?

Olie says:

That title though, ((ain't that it )) ?

Brooke Smith says:

It's great that you are so positive about trying to pay down your debt. I have gotten away with spending a lot less on textbooks by getting them on Reddit. There are specific subreddits dedicated solely to selling textbooks. You just post the author, title, and ISBN number and people will usually get back to you and offer it for a fraction of the price of your school's bookstore. Also instead of buying the books you read for fun, get a library card! I love my local library. It's the perfect place to study and read.

Ramatoulaye Diallo says:

This has nothing to do with the video… But OMG you’re hair is growing so much ????

SheBleedsGold says:

??? I would say open an go fund me so your subscribers can help a little with tuition.

Martine Monereau says:

You got this!!! ??

TN S says:

I love that you are genuine and open up to us about your life ?

Mal says:

Thank you for being so open in not only your mental health journey, but also your college journey. I’m already in a High school/associates degree program and I honestly don’t even know what I wanna do ?but the debt is a huge part as to why I’m questioning it. You’re being so smart about all this. Thank you again for sharing

Dominique Dorvil says:

Ur hair is beautiful

Janis Mollineau says:

Cute shirt lol

Leah says:

Where are your eyelashes from?

Tamaira Rowe says:

Great vid!! It's spelled debt though ?

Tashara Nurse says:

If you don't wanna pay for textbooks you can scan the pages you need or want to read from your school library and also print them out there.

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