Hartman Mediation Group – scam or legit call from debt collector? Why did you get such a voicemail?

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If you receive voicemail or robocall from Hartman Mediation Group, watch this video to find whether it’s a scam or legit debt collector call!
Here’s an example of voicemail: “This message is solely intended for calling to inform you that as of today you’re under review regarding a complaint that has been filed against you _?_ in connection with the transaction _?_?_ previously authorized as well as your possible involvement an investigation of depth of goods and services either you or your attorney must contact the filing party today at Hartman mediation group 833-648-0031 failure to respond will result in the entering of a guilty plea on your behalf as well as the suspension of your state drivers license you have been notified thank you…”


Kristin Conlon says:

I received several voicemails with that exact message. I just ignored figured it was a scam. I’ve never heard of theft of services not resulting in a court case and they usually threaten to garnish your wages not take your driver’s license. Total scam in my opinion!!

Draco saurian says:

I was just calling them ?.. Questioned .. he hung up

David Punneo says:

Would 833-620-1634 also be a number for the scam

wowtboy says:

just received it hit the delete button.

Jose Rios says:

I get a call from these scumbags every freakin day!

Tiffany W says:

I got a call from them today, didn’t answer it. They left a voicemail and they knew my name. Creepy! I googled the callback number and definitely is a scammer. Their website has an address and it’s not even a real one. Just FYI.

P B says:

Yes I did! Thank you so much! God bless you!

Spicy Porcupine says:

Just got a call from them today

Delneisha Collins says:

I fell for it, please don't be like me. They told me I owed $1,487.75 and said they would reduce it to $743.75. and I've actually been paying. But I caught them in a lie when I asked what was the amount for the initial loan and she said $400 but when I login into my cash net usa account and reviewed my history the loan I took out was for $200. I'm cancelling my card thanks for the Video. HARTMAN MEDIATION GROUP ARE NOTHING BUT SCAMMERS.! I HOPE THIS HELPS SOMEONE.

Jessica Zerante says:

i just recieved thgis voicemail. Anyone have any updates of what happens next????is it legit scam?

Candy Roth says:

I just got this call this morning and said the same thing as what you had on the screen.

George Massalas says:

I just received this call and plan to ignore it. It sounds suspicious ~ and checking YouTube, you just confirmed my best guess. Thanks for the info ?

Lasharon Reyes says:

Received same call today May 12, 2021 Cleveland, OH

Dennis Carter II says:

Yes my dad go the same scam. Highland Park, MI

Anthony Gomez says:

They called me today with the same message

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