How Do I Tackle $100,000 Of Debt?

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Raymond is behind on his child support, has student loans, and some other debts totaling to over $100,000. He calls Dave for advice on how to get out of this mess.

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Ted Striker2112 says:

and yet another reason to not have kids!!

Tom Soleymanbik says:

Every debt is a moral obligation Mr Bankrupt Ramsey! Interesting how you pick and choose who you pay.

neolithic3 says:

I love how Dave puts him on mute at 4:01 because the guy was so annoying

joseph says:

Thank God I won't have kids!

ALXSSA says:

Awwe i hope he pulls through, he seems so sweet 🙂

sir_lift_a_lot says:

would he be divorced if he wasn ‘t a trucker?

Benny says:

Hes going to make $90k. He has $100k in debt. Do the math. At $90k, hes going to have about $25k taken out in taxes. That leaves him with about $60k. He could put $35-40k into his bills every year, and have it paid off in 2-2.5 years. He could live on $20-25k easily.

Maja Wolfe says:

take care of your kids. they have to eat!

Ramon Uy says:

Sacrifice ., pay down your DEBTS !!!

AdmiralTwitchy says:

Crazy how for child is most likely doing just fine but yet owes 40k to the mom. The courts need to lower the child support because let's be real, it's mainly for the mom to also live off of

D P says:

I am sure the ex and kids will be so appreciative to dad slaving himself while living in a truck. I hope some of you simps reading this might realize that it just might not be a good idea to get married and have kids until you really understand the way the world works.

SunshineLaw Fan says:

Glad to hear the topic of child support mentioned.
Haven't heard that discussed before. Good job, Dave…

gangstalishis says:

thats manageable, the child support is probably killing him tho, i wonder how much he is paying for child support?

Reymond Carrillo says:

Raymond I prayed for u my brother Jesus is going to see u through this lesson to Mr Ramsey…have faith and watch the hand of God move in your life.Amen….its done my Brother….its done.

Nathan Joseph says:

Good to see you’ve hit the 1million subscriber mark, Mr. Ramsey!

James Current says:

He wants to fix his life, and he now has the map to do it.
Good for him. He can do it.

Sun Set says:

Why don't any WOMEN call in and say they are homeless and paying CHILD SUPPORT ?

Chris Invests says:

Start a side hustle and begin the baby steps ?? ?

ILike Guacamole says:

I hope he gets the promotion. But man he makes 60k a year with little to no overhead and he is that far behind in supporting his own children? ridiculous. Supporting your own children should not be optional.

Doug8521 says:

Can child support be considered moral when is imposed by the state and used by women against men?

Investing Hustler says:

Poor guy gonna have to live in a truck for 2 years. I feel for him but I’m sure he can do it !

Lance kaminsky says:

You don't. Just declare bankruptcy

Vinny T. says:

California NY and FL are on 3rd world standards sheesh

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