How to Consolidate Credit Card Debt (3 Proven Ways)

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How to consolidate credit card debt using three different methods.
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If you want to know how to get rid of credit card debt, then you’re watching the right video. I’ll be covering why you’d want to consolidate credit card debt, which has to do with your credit utilization score and credit card interest.

I’ll also be covering 3 unique ways to consolidate credit card debt that I believe work the best. Getting a personal loan, balance transfer offers and cash-out refinancing are the three ways to consolidate credit card debt that I’ll be covering.


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Thanks for watching!! Get out of debt and stay out of debt. And here's a link to LightStream if you wanna check them out.

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I live in Orem and I don't have a lot of credit card but I want to get out. HELP. lol

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Still here! Great video

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I’m still here. It took my years to figure out how to optimize the credit system. For most people, it’s easier to have 1-3 cards and only use them for their everyday purchases and bills. That way, they aren’t over extending themselves. This process has worked flawlessly for myself.

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What about getting a second job?! That helped me going from $6000 on credit cards to $2500, making extra $800 per month only working 3 hrs daily.

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