How to Manifest your way out of Debt Quickly and Not Worry about Debt?

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Today’s video is all about How I manifested way out of debt and how I managed to get rid of this debt and fine so that I no longer needed to pay a fine / debt.

This is an interesting story of how I had no money and focused on manifesting my way out of debt so that I did not need to pay. I was unemployed and I did not have any income or a full time job at this point but yet I didn’t let my fear of having no money in my bank account or my fear of not having a job affect me from getting this fined wiped clean.

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The uneven Journey says:

this is really beautiful my mom got ditch by her brother and he make all the circumstances in his favour and make my Mom to clear the debt of 2100 dollars, We also have our own debts to pay off and we don't want to pay something we never take… I trust this process I'm gonna visualize it.. and I'm having full faith on universe everything will workout for us… thank you so much for this video???

her soul says:

Simmy how can I manifest beautiful hair like yours?

GOD MADE says:


Universal Crystals says:

Soooo are you a Tottenham fan? ???? love the channel just subscribed ? can’t wait to see the new content I am new to making videos

Nathan Holt - n8than8 says:

Cool story and good LOA advice! A couple of years ago I was facing a £1,000 tax bill, i did the same as what you’re talking about and it turned out a couple weeks later that they ended up paying me £800 instead!! Gotta trust life, it wants us to thrive!! Keep going within Simmy ???

Flying Fairy says:

Wow u re indian cool i was wondering where u come from u look beautiful ?????????

Flying Fairy says:

Thank You Simmy ????????????????????????

The Lori Show! says:

You are adorable. Are you saying that the main method you used was positive thinking combined with visualization and utter faith that your desire is manifesting?

PhantomTicker says:

Thanks for the video!

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