How To Settle Debt – The Dave Ramsey Show

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ray ray says:

Wish he wouldnt cut ppl off. They are already nervous to speak to him.

Michelle Ford says:

I need to know if debt consolidate a good idea

L. wick says:

I’m thankful to Dave Ramsey! I’m $500 away from being free from credit card debt. I had 14 cards totaling $20k. I paid in 11 months. Man, never again will Use credit cards. Love my debit card.

CPA marketingacademy says:

Yup, but the rest of the money will come back as an income money. So you will pay taxes at the end of the year, so be careful about settlement

Miguel Henry says:


Deja Spriggs says:

I’m 21 with 5,000 in credit card debt living on my student loans and a flimsy seasonal part time job. I couldn’t help but cry when she started because I completely understand. ??

CDGMR1 says:

Awwwww heart breaking. Stop using credit cards. If you can’t pay cash, you don’t need it l.

Bobby Johnson says:

God bless you Dave Ramsey

Chris Carlson says:

Everything just went down on me when i couldn’t afford to pay for my bills. I had credit inquiries and negative items on my credit report and I was referred to Robert Morris by my long time friend and Co-worker, Jeffrey who helped me to increased my credit score all across my credit bureaus ( Experian-812, Equifax-822, TransUnion-825) by hacking into my credit report. He helped me to clear my credit card debts, credit inquiries, mortgage bills and delete all the negative items on my credit report. You can contact him on Robertmorriscyberservices At Gmail Dot Com or text him on +1(657) 444-7620.

Darrell Cherry says:

Never, ever pay a debt collector. For Dave to suggest otherwise is outrageous and reveals his ignorance and bias.

She should run from Dave's horrible advice immediately.

Bobby K says:

I pray I never need a credit card Never had one because stories like this poor woman's scares the heck outta me

james hardin says:

The whole credit industry is corrupt. banks, Car loans, like doing business with the devil. Law should be to bring back payment books and regulate the whole industry

BostonHooligan08 says:

Does a debt settlement with a credit card company affect your credit score negatively?

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