I’m $28,000 In Debt Only Making $27,000

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Megan is $28,000 in debt and only bring home about $27,000. She realizes she needs to pay off her debt and asks Dave where she should start.

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Playboi Cactus says:

I make about 29-30k a year after taxes, my monthly bills are 1700 a month including gas and food. I still have about 600 left over to play around with, its not hard to live on what shes making depending on where she stays.

Alex Smith says:

I’m 25, my wife and I are on track to pay off student loans by June. Can’t wait to be rid of that financial burden.

Bianca M says:

I had the same problem. My debt was more than my annual income. January 2019 I became debt free. Paid off over 41k. It is hard but it can be done.

Harold Balczac says:

I'll be debt free by August. Si far, I have $20K out of $32K saved up.

modap3000 says:

She's totally distracted and not paying attention.

oldtwins na says:

She ain't making 100k doing this type of work any time soon. She's 23, just out of college, has no real resume to bring forth to anyone without hysterically laughing when she demands 100k. Once she builds herself up then more options will come around but she's years away, yet in a position where that can already happen. Right now, she just needs to find an extra job, Uber, Grubhub, AmazonLocal, or whatever kind of fill in hours in between opportunity and use that to pay down the debt, which isn't astronomical to begin with. As usual, Dave is just so out of touch with current reality he probably doesn't even know what opportunities are available for those who work full time with a good job yet need that extra income by working for themself at their own hours, with no risk of starting a business.

Justin Y Not. says:

Been exactly there
There’s is light at the end of the tunnel
Stay focused

neolithic3 says:

Dave always says not to have a credit card but what do people use to rent hotel rooms, or rental cars, or pay for other things that require deposits etc? It seems silly to get rid of cards rather than just use them responsibly. Just because he couldn't or some people can't doesnt mean we are all lacking the discipline.

Reiden Lightman says:

She's making about as much as My wife and I combined. Haha.

Amber Jones says:

She should check out @BudgetGirl 's channel on YouTube. Sarah, aka Budget Girl, paid off $32K in 3 years on a salary similar to the caller.

loopba says:

Thats not a low salary after taxes, and not much student loans for for a 23 year old. Get a grip.

Neryssa111 says:

So this explains what happened to the money that disappeared when I was in GS. 0.10 per box is the most I would get as a profit for a $5 box. The rest would go to administration. Moving on, I think a side hustle / second job would be this lady’s best option.

MeMe O. says:

I paid in full my student loan a couple of months ago and WHAT A RELIEF!! I'm so grateful for Mr.Ramsey .

Okay Then says:

Yep! Get a new job that pays a more reasonable wage, establish a side hustle to supplement or get a part-time job, and volunteer with the Girl Scouts when possible…from a former Girl Scout! Wishing you the best and get after it!

Tye Allgood says:

My girlfriend worked for Girl Scouts last year and was paid 35k a year working at one of their counsels. This girl can possibly shift positions in GSA and make a little bit more money and have time for a side job.

Finance Fox says:

I agree. She Definitely needs to work on increasing her income and trying her best to lower any unnecessary expenses she has.

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