Killed By My Debt: How Debt Can Spiral Out Of Control

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In March 2016 Jerome Rogers’ took his own life. Two traffic fines of £65 had become a debt of £1024 which he was unable to pay.

Scenes are from the BBC Three docu-drama Killed By My Debt.

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Jonathan Hughes says:

Moneyless ask and receive will get rid of debt All need to do that.

Jasmine Hodge says:

we studied this story in school and some boys were taking the piss out of him, calling him a "pussy"(their words not mine) for killing himself. they all got detentions and now have to take courses about suicide, I'm so glad that this subject is bought up.

Holo Teh Wize wulf says:

I’m about to do the same thing. I live in America and the healthcare I’ve received because I’m disabled with tonic clonic seizures has made me extremely suicidal and depressed.

ULGMX says:

We’re all thinking of you your a alarm bell to all those in similar circumstance.
Condolences to your Mum

ULGMX says:

He had family who could have helped his mum boyfriend seems a beautiful heroic man that would have cleared his debts for him. He could then start to reboot
His a young man that has not been groomed well enough to deal with the modern world

ULGMX says:

£50 free bet on Leicester City would have sorted all his problems out
that’s £250k return

Alex Bates says:

I’ve suffered with owing money to drug dealers I know how owing £50 then £150 then £1000 can get out of control I had people at my house I was at the lowest point but I came out of it and it taught me a big lesson anyone experiencing the same thing now and feel like there’s no way out, there is and it will get better I avoided it for too long which took me in to more debt gave it head on be totally honest to the people you owe and family and it will get better if they don’t accept what you say at least you have been true to yourself and your family be honest even if it’s ‘I can pay you £10 a week’ once you break that barrier and people realise that’s all you can do you’d be surprised how people react I was frightened I had no money my phone was ringing every 2 seconds but I was honest and it worked out for me there’s always a way out of everything

Franz Romano says:

I'm watching the movie right now at x2 speed… IT'S SO DAMN FUNNY! ???

Paul Nolan says:

Its a well made documentary/drama, highlights faults in society rather then just blame one specific party. A Government that allows companies to devalue staff, A greedy council, debt collectors that abuse the system for personal gain and one uneducated man to make the whole corrupt system work.

Justin V says:

This kid made a lot of errors and never owned up to his mistakes. Why did he drive so recklessly? Not once but twice. Why didn’t he pay his first ticket when it was affordable? Why did he put off dealing with his fines until it was large? What didn’t he seek help?

ILoveMyOrchids says:

1. Always contest the fine and give yourself an extra 28 days to pay. The amount will freeze for the entire month.
2. If you don’t win, sort out a payment plan that you can actually afford. Don’t be intimidated into paying more than you can.
3. Never, ever, EVER go to loan sharks, payday loans etc. You will make your situation 1,000 times worse. Borrow from friends & family and pay back zero interest.
4. Try to get a skill or qualification that enables you to get a better paid job.
Easier said than done, but giving yourself a chance at a higher paid job is the best way out of poverty.

susu 1990 says:

I just watched this, I felt really sorry for Jerome.

Jack Reilly says:

Vote conservative!

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