Let's Talk About Debt

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In the season one finale of The Minimalists’ video-essay series, LET’S TALK ABOUT LESS, Joshua talks about how impulse and instant gratification lead to debt that ruins our lives.

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The Minimalists says:

Did you enjoy this six-episode series? What was your favorite episode? What other topics would you like us to talk about in future seasons of #LetsTalkAboutLess?

StormyWeld says:

Debt and Finance; two words with the same meaning. Imagine if the signs in the shop said "Take me Home Today! 24 months of Debt Available". ??

Margarita L says:

Like, were you guys watching me while I was unpacking my package I received today? I REALLY needed to hear this today. You have made me save myself from future impulse purchases. Thank you so much ?? PLEASE DO A VIDEO ON THINGS LIKE AFTERPAY, LAYBUY APPS ETC!! It’s too easy to lose yourself ?

Raven hair Rock Godess who loves Foreigner 53 says:

As soon as my stimulus gets here I will be debt free almost , just a little to go ! Yay ! First time in a long time !! I pay cash for Christmas gifts now except for my neices and nephews thst live in other states .I pay cash for everything. Including a new apple laptop I need because I'm starting a bussiness and I'm trying to write a book ! No way, no credit card! Good ol green cash ! I haven't had a computer in 5 years.

Belina V. says:

Words of wisdom, Joshua. You keep me on track to stay away from instant gratification. No more impulsive shopping. Namaste.

Scorpio says:

Great listening and so true use what you have and have what you use

Alan Birkner says:

We don't use credit cards unless we can pay them off in full when the bill comes. Tina

Yolanda Castillo says:

Thanks for your tireless giving of yourself. It is truly appreciated!

Julius Ceasar Music says:

my mental framework about minimalism is already solid and i never consume or buy anything i can't afford or isn't essential. but the way he delivers his lines still slapped me in the face like I DO all those things.
i can't imagine how hard a punch in a face it is when people who recklessly spends, are in tons of debt, and buy things they don't need to maintain a social image watches this video WILL FEEL!
there are 2 things that can happen,
either they wake up and take action and Change direction to go north,
or stay and follow south where the endless abyss of misery relies because they are too hurt, afraid and overwhelmed to face reality and take action.

Oleg Givant says:

I'm on the final steps to be debt free and it's so hard! I close 100K $ debt in 1.5 year, right before pandemic and I left with 20-25K. Hope to close this in couple of months. Thank you for your inspiration and messages! Keep going!

Cathleen Harris says:

great video!!!

Birdie Indadell says:

Loved this!! You nailed it once again!! ???

Rory Gallagher says:

If you can't buy it twice you can't afford it!

Thayllan Vivas says:

When you save money to buy something and you finally got it, the feelings are extraordinary in our mind and spirit and you get the thought that is true: the hard work really pay you back.

Ri Maci says:

Guys, I have been following your blog, back in the day when you had a few thousand subscribers. What amazing journey it’s been. Thank you for enlightening us to the joy of minimalism ?

Justin Zobel says:

Too many side angle shots and too many speech bubbles. But great content.

Mag Ma says:

Secret: The financial system is RIGGED – rigged to keep you enslaved. You have been programmed by an AI matrix . 2021 watch all major control systems fall – including financial. Peace Out.

Jake Rayman says:

The center shot with Joshua is GENIUS. I just look around all the things I don’t need, while the words bring me back to the message. I love this. So much. Started becoming debt free and baby step 2 in 2021 after graduating in May of 2020. I’m determined! And so are all of you! Keep at it! Thanks for insight Minimalists!

Paula Morris says:

Such an extremely important message to get out there ! People need to live within their means. It works !

Brooke S says:

Such valuable content – thank you! How anyone could give this a thumbs down is beyond me.

Video History Snippets says:

Terrific Josh, makes so much sense to me. Take care!!!

Jeroen Basten says:

I find this debt thing is espacially a problem in super capitalist anglo-saxon countries. Fortunately, here in the Netherlands, putting yourself in debt for every fluff isn't embedded in our culture. So it's definitely culturally defined. That makes it easier to recognize and to combat the urge of buying.

Peter Kowalczyk says:

Debt free for almost a decade. I totally agree, but I am also fortunate and upper middle class. For people like me it's about controlling impulse. There are unfortuantely some who don't make a living wage, literally have to take on debt to survive, and for them it's survival. Payday loans (one of the worst kinds of debt) exist for a reason. That said, I think I'm more the target audience here. Keep spreading the word!

Anna D and Adam says:

Gave me the chills. It's true. Been mostly debt free for a while and working on knocking out the car loan.

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