Live Your Life for Half the Price: Without Sacrificing the Life You Love (Debt-Proof Living)

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Readers receive tips, resources and techniques for half-price living. Financial well-being is not measured by one’s income. It’s the money you don’t spend that gives you freedom to live the life you love.

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J. Cottington says:

Helpful Book! This book has been very helpful as a resource tool for my husband and I since we purchased it. We both have appreciated the helpful, practical, and feasible ideas and tips on how to be WISE in ones spending habits. Topics range from all aspects of where one’s money goes — from groceries, to supplies, to automobiles, to insurance, to computers and other big ticket items. We felt the book was easy to read and appreciated that it was laid out in a fashion where we could easily refer back to…

Sue says:

The book gives what it promises! Not all books live up to their advance advertizing, but this one advertized itself humbly and truthfully and gives more than it offers. I experienced a sense of relief: “Aha! THAT’S how I can do that”.Mary Hunt urges readers who are deep in debt and short on resources to be hopeful, but also to get a grip on the problems. And then she gives concrete steps to work back up to the surface. She urges those who are already swimming on the surface to make plans to stay afloat through…

Elise Hathaway says:

Excellent. Empowering. I really like this book because it empowered me to do better with my money without being cheap. I was particuarly pleased with how much practical information this book contains without reading like a resource book. It’s engaging, relevant and a very nice read. I particularly appreciated the chapter on how to cut your grocery bill … without having to change supermarkets. I gave her method a try and saved more than 55% on my grocery tab the very first time. I’m sold. Everyone on my Christmas…

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