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How to consolidate credit card debt using three different methods.
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If you want to know how to get rid of credit card debt, then you’re watching the right video. I’ll be covering why you’d want to consolidate credit card debt, which has to do with your credit utilization score and credit card interest.

I’ll also be covering 3 unique ways to consolidate credit card debt that I believe work the best. Getting a personal loan, balance transfer offers and cash-out refinancing are the three ways to consolidate credit card debt that I’ll be covering.


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The Conservative Party’s Victorian Senate candidate,  finance expert Kevin Bailey, says the Banking Royal Commission report isn’t all bad news.

Professional debt advice is free from Licensed Insolvency Trustees. They will explain all your options so you can decide the best solution for your situation.

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I am $28,000 in debt and here’s what I’m doing about it.

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This is video three in a four part series that explains farm debt mediation in NSW. This video focuses on the role of the mediator and others attending a farm debt mediation under the Farm Debt Mediation Act 1994. In NSW, a panel of nationally accredited mediators help lenders and farmers to have effective conversations about farm business issues. The video also discusses how others can provide support and assistance during a farm debt mediation. It notes that mediators are neutral facilitators who do not provide legal or financial advice.

TV interview highlights high cost of credit counselling as a debt relief option

Paying off debt? In this video I give you ten common mistakes people make while paying off debt. Don’t fret if you’ve made them. We’ve all made some money mistakes. So long as you don’t repeat them, they’re considered “learning experiences”. Which mistakes have you made?

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How We Stopped Living Paycheck to Paycheck

Pregnant? We cloth diapered 3 of our 4 kids, and estimate we saved THOUSANDS of dollars. In fact I started my YouTube channel as “MsDiaperD”, sharing over 80 cloth diaper video tutorials.

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Hey there! I’m Dana. I’m a wife and Mother to 4 kids, including twin boys and two girls. I work full time outside the home in finance as a Corporate Accountant, but enjoy sharing my personal and parenting journey online. We live in the Philadelphia area.

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