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Watch or Listen to this recording of to my latest podcast to hear expert views on how debt counselling works, how to choose a good debt counsellor, plus what to do if you are already in debt review and want to get out.

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Money is a complicated thing. Trillions of dollars worth move every single day, but $27 Trillion Dollars of that is global debt? But what does that mean? In this video we explain what global debt is, who owes it and to who?

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Learn about different options, including debt management programs or DMPs, Chapter 13 bankruptcy, credit card debt consolidation loans, or other personal loans to help resolve your debt issues.

By: Jean Varden, The Debt Counselling Centre
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No more sms or phone calls harassing you from creditors demanding payments, you will afford to pay your accounts and monthly expenses and still have cash in your pocket just in case of unforeseen circumstances, you will saving yourself from losing your car or your house just because you no longer afford to pay the instalments, you will be stressing less and living better.

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The tax laws and different rules and regulations are vast when it comes to the division of assets during a separation or divorce. Although, a simple division of property seems to be easiest, very often tax inefficiency comes into play when couples try to take the easy, 50-50 approach.

Take the time to educate yourself and be sure to hire the appropriate professionals that will guide you not only from the legal standpoint, but also with respect to the financial and tax planning side when it comes to your upcoming separation agreement.

In this video Deanna visits with Tracy Kendel from Fairway Divorce Solutions to discuss some of the most important factors when considering the separation of assets and the planning of a separation agreement.

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