Personal Debt: A Closer Look

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Personal debt is getting larger; Prof. Richard Wolff joins us to break it down and how even movements like the Yellow Vests reflect the growing issues of debt and wealth inequality. Sayeh Tavangar gives us the low down as India moves to pay Iran in rupees; circumventing sanctions! And is volatility a buyer’s paradise or a perilous pitfall? John Grace from Investor’s Advantage is back to help us make sense of it all!

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Matt W says:

The news of more and more oil investment and finds is both obscene and insane. Fossil fuel burning is destroying the necessities of life on the planet, so let's spend more to find more. It's a global suicide pact.

jet guy says:

Wow…some heavy duty truth serum from prof Wolff…yes folks, our crony capitalist system has become the monster that is eating our lunch…it's gotta go…heavy taxation on the plutocrats…the megacorporations need to start paying their way, instead of drawing obscene corporate welfare checks…and a lot of Wall Street crooks need to be in orange jumpsuits…

Tony Ng says:

income inequality is inevitable for growing economy and technology, which gives negative feedback to consumption growth, gov has to encourage debt to boost it up. However everything comes to a limit, the wealth gap needed to be reset inorder to restart to game

Tertiary Adjunct says:

Why does BP just get to take that oil like they own it? Isn't it public property? Why can't the government just make their own drills and run it's own system like Hoover Dam? We could cut taxes to 0!

F D says:

socialist Wolff is wrong and it is amazing how people can't see his obvious lack of knowledge in regards to truly free markets and how wealth is created. END THE FED.

Hotsiam says:

No one is saying all immigration is wrong, we the people are saying that the influxes are too high, without due process and outright illegal.

Floro says:

The banks exist in society like tape Worms.

Ian Grant says:

11 m 38 s. It's not inequality. Nobody gives a shit about inequality _per se_. What they are pissed off about is the fact that the inequality is a consequence of corruption. The problem is not economics, because we could solve that, because as Aristotle says, money is a consequence of law, and we make the laws. As Aristotle also wrote, the problem is Justice and the fact that the laws were drafted by crooks.

Joseph Inhiding says:

Shouldn't we be concerned about the type of debt. I'm not so worried about Mortgage debt unless the person is extended.
Need a debt breakdown by Mortgage, car, credit card, student debt. Age might also be very relevant.

ex why says:

The last guy was a decade out , lol

Pravin Utankar says:

Its not just US or France even in INDIA Banks are failing and rich politicians and businessmen have deprived the middle class.

ba sook says:

if you are smart, you take every advantage of US free given to the poor before US incoming recession. Income inequality caused by Feds.

Ventus Tavistock says:

India buying Iranian oil in Rupees is by far the biggest story here.

Ventus Tavistock says:

Yellow Vests are not: 'major news across Europe' – reporting of this news is being very much suppressed by the mainstream media (BBC etc).

SpyDetector1984 says:

Seeing/hearing about all these people in debt, I'm grateful to have my situation. Solitude/not having offspring, not spending $ I don't have & keeping my life low cost. I don't those degrees I wanted, but I'm sure am intelligent. Doing better than many of the average citizenry.

Starting to feel like the way this existence turned out is in my favor. I know having my mindset in definitely in my favor. I love my brain and my mind. I love being whom I am. Wouldn't trade spots with anyone. I'm awesome. It's good to be me. You folks should learn some lessons from me. I know what it's about. I've always known the routes to take.

Erney Sweets says:

That oil should belong to the people just like everyelse like gaddafis regime in lybia

Erney Sweets says:

Video is definetely better than most of whats out there ….. So Thank Youuu

Marek Kolenda says:

Putin should makes national emergency in Russia and confiscated wealth billions $ Russian oligarchs.

Philippe Clermont says:

Interesting thank you.

Brian Booker says:

Great video

mrzack888 says:

Federal government needs to provide free health care and college and entry level jobs and basic apartments to rent to workers .

Andrearuch97 says:


The deathless face of the unborn mind. says:

Wolff for president.

John C says:

When are you going to stop to beat around the bush and expose the ROOT OF THE EVIL?? THE CENTRAL BANKS ARE THE CAUSE OF THE FAILING ECONOMY and it is has nothing to do with that Trump is doing or not doing!! THE CENTRAL BANKS ARE THE EVILS OF THIS PLANET KEEPING THIS PLANET IN CHECK, DEBT, FEAR AND FRAUD!! The retarded economic jewish professor can retire and jump off a bridge!  Get this in your thick skulls – the current FIAT system must be crashed to be restarded, that will wipe out the debts that is our nightmare! It is too fucking bad for the Deep State that Hillary is not in office because then we would have WW3 in full force.

John C says:

No no no no! It was NOT the prince of Saudi who ordered the murder of Kashogi. GET YOUR STORY STRIGHT! You know it was the Deep State trying to trap Trump to cause an international economic crisis with the oil. Are you working for the Deep State RT?

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