Public Debt: how much is too much? | The Economist

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The covid-19 pandemic is set to increase public debt to levels last seen after the second world war. But is rising public debt a cause for concern? New economic thinking suggests perhaps not, at least for now.

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Beanbag boys420 says:

welcome to capitalism can you imagine if communism was all over how boring it could be

Drew Peacock says:

Isn’t the economist magazine owned by the Rothschild dynasty?
Aren’t the central banks mostly owned by the Rothschild dynasty?

ninuxy says:

So Teanuts and radical Conservatives WERE WRONG… AGAIN. What a surprise.

the Supreme PIG says:

look like the Simpson prophecy is right Donald Trump will bankrupt America

Advent Asish Chettri Psirilh says:

Jesuits are the owner of federal bank of U.S.A.

Mike King says:

The economist is a media organization that is owned by the entity controlling the global financial system. NOTHING that is printed or presented by them should be considered truth. It is for manipulation purposes only. In doubt…..research.,

nihilityjoey says:

I still wonder why people hold such a high regard for money, money is worthless. The fact that we are in debt just reinforces that. We could accomplish so much more if we didn't have it.

Nathan Benich says:

I don't agree with your analysis. I was taught debt is bad in the private and/or public sectors. Inflation increases, value of the dollar decreases, unemployment increases, etc.

Elliot Silverstone says:

Can’t the government just transfer their debt to a new low-interest credit card?

puremajik says:

A currency issuer can technically buy as many bonds in its own currency as it wants so there is no threat of unintended higher interest rates

puremajik says:

“To raise money governments issue bonds to investors” – incorrect. Governments can fund themselves without bonds, there is no causal relationship.

Kai morf says:

Fractional reserve system. Greatest scam on earth. Criminal bankers. Steal our wealth they debt. Old system. Needs reform.

ice la honk says:

who does the US owe this debt to?

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