Screw College Debt: How to go to college without breaking the bank

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You’re off to college to acquire skills, graduate, get a well-paying job, and live the good life ever after. Not so fast. A mountain of college loans after graduation may weigh you down for decades as you struggle to pay them off.

Don’t let the financing of your education stand in the way of your future dreams. Save money, find little-known sources for money win scholarships you never thought you’d qualify for, pick the right loans and payment plans, and you can avoid devastating debt entirely.

Get smart before you get smart in college with tips and techniques in Screw College Debt. Create your own action plan using the 100-at-a-glance strategies to avoid and pay for college debt—before you get into money trouble. Or learn how to dig out with creative (legal) repayment strategies.

Knowledge is power. Go into the college game with the right winning strategies and plans. Marco LeRoc, founder of Marco LeRoc & Co., and author of Cash In with Your Money, helps you (and your parents) explore every money-saving strategy and answers every question from WHY (Why the heck is college so expensive?) to HOW (How do I avoid college debt entirely?).


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