Should I Transfer My Credit Card Balance To A 0% Interest Account?

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Groover James says:

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Dennis Clayman says:

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Tanya Alfonso says:

Yes! Been there, done that several times. Dave mentions it's a mental issue we have when getting rid of debt. We learn nothing by consolidating to a lower interest credit card. It might be temporary, but if you haven't changed the way you spend money, you will only be right back where you started several years later and digging an even deeper hole. This has been my experience! Working to change this now! Baby step 2!!

Kelly Goerbig says:

Plan, Track, Plan! I had $17k CC debt at one point. Use an finance app to track EVERYTHING. Balance, Interest, and date the balance transfer ends. If you have to roll-over that balance to another 0% offer, you do it a month before the 0% ends. I've been CC debt free for awhile now. Being brave, and face it head on by tracking it REALLY DOES HELP!

Tim Y says:

I did this strategy of transferring loads of debt from multiple credit cards to a 0% APR for 18 months $0 Annual fee and here's why its the best thing in my scenario:

-Instead of focusing on paying 2-5 different cards, I can focus on one giant only that's at 0% APR. I'm not paying interest with minimum payment anymore, I'm burning off the debt.
-After careful calculations with 17%-21% APR on the credit cards I'm saving over $15,000+ on interest fees. My Balance transfer fee is only $900 at most. Which one would you rather take?
-I get to cut off those credit cards that charge hefty annual fees ($90+ per year) so that doesn't add up. The only downside to this is lowering my credit utilization but nevertheless my focus is burning debt.

This strategy is great for anyone who has high debts, multiple credit cards. Just be careful not to spend ANY money with the balance transfer card because they charge PURCHASE APR after certain months and that's a major trap. Only use BT cards for debt. Keep the focus on that and you'll be fine!

J Heezey says:

I think I'm missing something…. There is a credit card balance of 15% …. Or a temporary loan at 0% (plus a 3-5% fee). Why would you not transfer it, then cut up the card, and call them to reduce the credit limit to the amount transferred? 15% is crazy.

Isaiah Trapp says:

tell us more how you are smarter than a multi-billion dollar corporation. peanut gallery comment section anomalies…really, Free money? LOL it's not free, it's STUPID!

JoRolle Nola says:

Can I transfer like a couple thousand at a time on to one card or does it have to he all or nothing? The low interest card has a smaller limit than the higher interest card. I figure I can pay it off within the 18 months if I do it this way.

Isaac Ortiz says:

Ramsey is right here. If you do the transfer you better be super aggressive on paying off the debt as fast as you can and not create any new debt which is always the danger. Change the behavior and kill this enemy called debt. I'm winning now because ive changed my behavior. Thank you Lord for wisdom.

ron whiteleo says:

Move the money to the 0% balance card and stick to the plan and pay it off.. and cut up your card.. simple… but move it though..

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