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Learn the Pros and Cons of Unsecured Debt Consolidation Loans.

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3 Best Lenders For Unsecured Debt Consolidation Loans

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Carlos D. Martinez Esq. explains scams related to debt consolidation and outlines what really goes on after you enroll in a plan to manage your debt.

There is an enormous stigma that goes hand-in-hand with filing for bankruptcy. The mere term bankruptcy can cause a feeling in some of immorality and failure. Nonetheless, certain terms like debt consolidation, credit management, debt resolution, debt relief, etc., cause a dramatically divergent emotional response. These matters are marketed as a sweet, painless alternative to bankruptcy. In reality, this is most certainly not the case.

Only filing bankruptcy can deliver the legal safeguards needed to dismiss creditors offer the ability to effectuate a fresh start. The bankruptcy procedure is a well-oiled machine, composed by Congress to treat debtors and creditors fairly. Do not let their deceitful marketing fool you. Bankruptcy is not equate with failure. Utilize the handy tools our legal system has offered and center focus on your future with a clean slate.

If you have any questions about your choices and are interested in seeing if bankruptcy is right for your situation, we would love to meet you for a free consultation. Visit www.scura.com to get started on your financially-free expedition.

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How Do Debt Consolidation Companies Work?. Part of the series: Credit Card Debt. Companies that work in debt consolidation are usually non-profit organizations, and they work in several ways, including making contact with creditors to try and get a person’s interest rates reduced. Find out how debt consolidation companies place all bills together with help from an experienced businessman in this free video on debt consolidation. Read more: http://www.ehow.com/video_4874450_do-debt-consolidation-companies-work_.html

http://www.incharge.org/debt-management/debt-settlement-trade-offs – What are differences between debt consolidation, debt settlement and debt management. Personal Finance expert Etta Money explains.


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Paying off debt is important and utilizing a lower interest rate to reach that goal is a good idea, as long as you follow some key rules first. Otherwise it will ruin your get out of debt plan.


Learn how to get out of paying credit card debt and avoid credit card lawsuit or summons with a properly written letters to debt collectors and collection attorneys.
WARNING – This content is not intended as a substitute for legal advice. If you need an attorney in your local area contact a licensed attorney in your state.
Are you worried about your credit card debt?
Are you fearful of debt collectors and collection attorneys?
Today I want to convince you of one thing . . . and that is . . .You do not have to pay your credit card debt if you cannot afford to pay it.
You do not have to sacrifice monthly essentials food clothing rent or mortgage healthcare utilities or education for credit card debt you cannot afford to pay. I want to introduce you to the only easily-affordable credit card debt relief program that shows you how to legally avoid paying the credit card debt you cannot afford to pay without filing for bankruptcy.

The key is how you interact with debt collectors and collection attorneys. I want to share with you what pitfalls to avoid with these people. I am going to tell how you can actually enjoy the process of getting out of debt once you know what you are doing with these liars. I am also going to give you some tips you can take away and use immediately.
I learned first hand I did not have to pay credit card debt I could not afford to pay. Instead of experiencing that stomach-churning feeling when a debt collector calls you’ll be asking “Is that the best you can do?” when a debt collector threatens you over the telephone.
Unaffordable credit card debt is a very serious problem. Bankruptcy or a credit card debt court judgement could ruin any of us. We don’t want to see our assets sold to pay an unsecured credit card debt. Nor do we want to be forced into a payment plan for five years. All these possibilities create feelings of fear hopelessness uncertainty and loss of independence.Those feelings in turn make it more difficult for us to help ourselves out of this difficult situation.
Debt collectors and collection attorneys make threats and tell lies to get our money. They are villains.But they are easy to defeat if you know how. There are other less obvious but nevertheless real villains. They are the opportunists selling debt relief scams trying to take our money before they get us any debt relief. They all want a thousand dollars or more for their bankruptcy debt settlement debt consolidation debt management or debt negotiation so-called solutions.Our credit gets ruined and our bank accounts get depleted without any real debt relief. Worst of all they cause us to believe we are not capable of helping ourselves out of this predicament.Only they have the knowledge and expertise it takes to deal with creditors and debt collectors in these “difficult circumstances.” They confuse us with their greedy opportunistic non-solutions to credit card debt relief.
As I have been telling you the best way to get rid of debt collectors and collection attorneys is to first educate ourselves about exactly why debt collectors and collection attorneys have no real power to harm us. When debt collectors see these disputes and demands they give up on US to chase other less well-informed debtors. When collection attorneys see appropriate legal disputes and demands in a letter from us the last thing they want to do is waste their time in court with us.
Remember – this is the only easily-affordable credit card debt relief program that shows you how to legally avoid paying the credit card debt you cannot afford to pay without filing for bankruptcy. Why not get started today and get this debt behind you? What do you have to lose?


Learn how to get out of paying credit card debt and stop debt collectors harassing you.

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Let’s talk about debt consolidation, the pros and cons and if you should do it or not, from my perspective! The perspective of someone who has done it, many, many, many times. Debt consolidation will never help you win with money and while it makes mathematical sense, it is not a smart financial decision most of the time.

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How Debt Consolidation Affects Credit. Part of the series: Credit Card Debt. Debt consolidation affects credit by placing individuals in credit management programs that will help them eliminate debt. Discover how a credit score can be affected negatively by debt consolidation with help from an experienced businessman in this free video on credit card debt. Read more: http://www.ehow.com/video_4874449_debt-consolidation-affects-credit.html