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Life can be stressful when you have many creditors and not enough sources of income to repay the debts. To make matters worse, it can be hard to keep up with the repayment schedules if you owe different creditors.

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Hi everyone. Thank you for joining me today. I’m here reviewing my current debt #’s. Everyone probably say’s this but I was inspired by Dave Ramsey to become debt free. I have seen other youtubers that are also in there own journey. Please subscribe and like my videos. I would really like for you to join me and come along for this ride.

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The take the time to see this video, its free and I’m not selling anything. I did this on my own and it work, you don’t need anyone to do this.

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We are so excited to have started our debt free journey! This video recounts the progress that we’ve made on our debt since beginning our journey July 17, through August.

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Today’s question: Is debt review the key to financial freedom?

Debt Review is the only solution for over indebted consumers to become debt free. When a customer is in Debt Review they will keep their integrity intact and provide them with long term solutions and education to prohibit them from falling in a debt trap again.

The debt counsellor will work out a new repayment schedule that will make sure that there is no debt left to pay at the end of the period. When a customer has completed the debt review process, they will be debt free and have a clean credit record. The customer will be able to apply for debt again.

Please let us know if you have any questions about debt review. We will answer them as soon as possible.

Debt is a common part of life. However, not every consumer has been behind on their debts to a point wherein a collector is reaching out to you. The moment a debt collector tries to get in contact with you, you might feel intimidated, even scared. How do you deal with them? Or is your debt at such a significant point that a third-party collecting agency is called in for collecting payments to your debt? You can get free advice from debt mediators about how to deal with the situation.

For more information, visit their website at: http://www.debtmediators.com.au

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Are you one of those people who look at every RV that passes? You may drool, or envision a hassle free life cruising through the sunshine in California or some other sunny haven.

But did you realize that RV’s are not just for retired people? There are many younger people who have swapped the traditional brick built house for a chance to explore and find adventure. They purchase RV’s and take to the open road; working along the way and learning as they go.

It is an excellent experience; even if you only do it for a few months! This book will help you to get started by providing you with some valuable advice on how to live full time in an RV without and with minimal stress:

Understand why the cal of the RV lifestyle is so strong and the reasons it is becoming more popular. This is not just a reaction to the 2008 economic crash! Read seven tips on how to start your RV lifestyle without debt and to stay debt free. This is essential reading! Discover another seven hacks which will help you to deal with stress. In the main this focuses on reducing the opportunities to be stressed and learning how to deal with incidents better. Six additional tips which will ensure you focus on the positive things in life; leaving debt and stress behind!

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Nowadays, many young people often find that their lives are difficult, despite hard working, the income barely enough for daily necessities. While, some others have more comfortable lives with just the same amount. What’s the problem? Tighten belt helps them get extra monthly saving? Or they spend less? Or even an extra income?

Have you even considered to your unsuitable spending ways, you may not take a full use of incentives offering by service providers? So how does financial management work? How to live comfortably having regular monthly surplus? If you are asking yourself these 3 questions. My share of  – RULES OF MONEY MANAGEMENT FOR DEBT FREE AND BETTER SLEEP – should be just for you.

Audiences usually stuck in their regret feelings of wasting their money and hope to turn back the time!

Through this book, you will learn how to become a financial manager for yourself. People see numbers are complicated and difficult. For the 8 methods of increasing income and 7 ways for wise saving revealed in this book, you will be guided clearly and in detail that just make everything becomes so simple

Whatever your starting point, this book provides you methods to manage your finance. You can definite exactly how much money you own. This is a very important step for well-being in the future. You learn how to invest your financial resources in the most effective way!

Earning money is important, and how to manage it even each penny is the same  –  Lisa Casey

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Table of contents:


Chapter 1 – Money Management 

Effort-Less Ways to Increase your Income Dues to pay for, when earning more

Chapter 2 – Planning for monthly balance

Planning for monthly spending Planning for monthly income Overall managerment of monthly balance

Chapter 3 – Budgeting Basecamp

Budgeting Simple Tools for Budgeting Budgeting Rules Tips (Steps on sticking/Making a Budget)  Benefits of Budgeting Wants versus Needs

Chapter 4 – Increasing the Income (8 Ways to Increase Your Income)

No.1 Do some freelancing gigs No 2. Sell some stuff online or offline No 3. Put up your own mini business or franchise—whether on your own or with friends No 4. Carpooling and driving No 5. If you have a blog, make money out of it No 6. Draw a crowd No 7. Finding a roommate No 8. Passive Income

Chapter 5 – Strategies for Saving

Below are different strategies that will help you save money 7 Other practical strategies to save money

Chapter 6 – The Downside of Money Management 

Disadvantages of Using Credit Cards Disadvantages of Using Debit Cards Using debit cards and credit cards with an inconsistent income

Chapter 7 – Financially Free

Spending money wisely How to budget for retirement allowance? Things that elderly people forget to prepare for


If you have debts you are Not Alone! According to data taken from The US Census, The Aggregate Revolving Consumer Debt Survey and The Survey of Consumer Finances, 160,000,000 Americans possess credit cards, which is just over half the population of America! More amazingly still, the average credit card debt of $7,219 per household in 2010! So, if you are feeling pinned down by credit card debt, you are certainly not alone! The average indebted American is now poorer than their 1980 counterparts! And this isn’t just an American problem; rather it’s a global problem! Since the end of world war two there has been a consistent push on behalf of the financial sector to push loan facilities, credit cards and all sort of other debts down our throats. We have become a debt based society and even though the 2008 financial meltdown demonstrated the flaws in this system, mouthing really changes as the world economy is based upon debt. While there isn’t much that any of us can individually do for the world economy we can step back and take back control of our finances. In much way the financial reality is like a fence and people are on one side or the other. On one side are the indebted and on the other side are the financially free. While many people repay their debts, within a short space of time they find themselves back in debt all over again. in this book you will be thought not only how to repay your debts but also you shall be thought how to become financially free, for the only way to guarantor your long-term financial wellbeing is to move from debt to wealth and it can be done. We are not talking about get rich quick schemes here; rather we are talking about sensible strategic action, regardless of income, which over time will radically change your financial reality from debtor to investor and from poor to well off! In this book you will learn about: * The five keys to financial freedom * Debt reduction programs * Debt settlement programs * Bankruptcy * Budgeting * Financial planning * How to maintain a budgeting diary * Medium to long -term goal setting * The mind-set reburied to shift from debtor to investor! In this comprehensive book you shall be shown with step by step and practical instructions how to turn your financial situation around. There are no gimmicks, but rather it takes a clear assessment of your financial reality combined with strategic action to turn things around, but it can be done and can be done effectively even if you are an ordinary person earning an ordinary wage! Take the jump today, forget about what everyone else is doing and start to take responsibility of your financial wellbeing back into your own hands!