Ted Inspired Talk given at Financial Counselling Australia Conference 2016

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In this talk Jo challenges assumptions that people with severe or profound cognitive disability are unable to lead self-determined lives. She provides guidance to signatory nations in their efforts to uphold their obligations under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities to ensure everyone is able to lead lives of their preference, including those rarely heard. Dr Jo Watson is a Lecturer, Researcher and Speech Pathologist, specialising in Disability and Inclusion at Deakin University in Australia.

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leigh lewis says:

Well done. No notes… very good. 12 minutes is a long time sometimes.

Charity Sims-Jenkins says:

Great speech Joanne. I love how instead of just pointing out that some people are not living autonomous lives you give a practical example of how a network of supporters can work together to interpret someones wishes and bring them supported autonomy. I like how you also compare getting support with autonomy to the rest of us and how when we seek advice when making a decision – it shows that all autonomy is supported and this is a good thing. I recently read your article regarding decision making support to realise article 12 in the UN Convention of Rights for Persons with Disabilities and I had no idea until then that Australia had imposed an 'interpretive declaration' on how we realise that article. I am disappointed but not surprised :/

West Coburg Cricket Club says:

Great speech Joanne!!

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