The Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind – Hidden Secrets of Money 4 – Mike Maloney

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For more, visit: You are about to learn one of the biggest secrets in the history of the world… it’s a secret that has huge…


whygoldandsilver says:

Never in human history have so many been plundered by so few, and it’s all
accomplished through this… The Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind.

whygoldandsilver says:

They say that money doesn’t grow on trees…

Gay Hammer says:

If there were no IOU’s there would be no debt, therefore the whole system
of making currency would collapse. There is not enough money in the whole
world to pay all the checks. Thats why our forefathers fought for the gold
and silver system. If there was only gold and silver there COULD NOT be any
fake money (Currency and IOU’s) IOU’s are stealing money from the future!
There is no loophole, if only the whole economy of the world was destroyed
and a new type of currency – gold and silver – was created, but that is
close to impossible, Like so that everyone can understand better.

Victor Huerta says:

I wonder why, after watching this AMAZING VIDEO, some people just don’t get
it? Are both sides of their brains working properly? Mike explains this
SCAM perfectly, with top-of-mind animations. What else do they need to
understand how these thieves operate? Seriously?

bob sue says:

So you say that 92-96% of the currency growth is cause by fractional
reserve banking and that the Fed is only responsible for the other 4-8%.

Well here’s the scoop: fractional reserve banking is not a practice. It is
a fundamental part of any credit system. People make deposits at a bank,
and the bank then makes loans to people with investment opportunities
(businesses, mortgages, car loans). If the bank held on to everyone’s
dollar, there would be no loans. Furthermore, if the bank held on to more
of peoples’ dollars, interest rates would rise as the supply of money
available for loans would decrease. Talk about a problem in an economy? In
fact, the whole reason the Fed creates money (the other 5%) is to increase
the supply of dollars for loans — to decrease interest rates and spur an
ailing economy.

Bottom Line: 95% of this ‘malarky’ is not malarky but rather a crucial part
of an economy. And the other 5% is equally as crucial. This video pans it
out to be awful. Maybe its the music and graphics :O

I would expect better from such an ‘acclaimed’ economist. Judging by your
youtube name, this is perhaps a scam itself. I would bet that you have a
lot of money invested in gold Mr Baloney.

Ralfy Mann says:

Step One doesn’t begin with government creating IOUs but with people
borrowing from commercial banks. For more details, read

Zakir Kamal says:

Who makes money regularly though? My partner has been earning $350 every
day with Online Gold Dynamo (search for it on Google).

madhatter3142006 says:

I just thought of something. If by creating more currency the federal
reserve is just taxing you and me. And the federal reserve is buying up
debt from the major banks. Then essentially, QE is just an another bailout
for the banks by taxing the world(since the dollar is the reserve
currency). Does this make sense?

Philip Rawsthorne says:

Hi Mike
Excellent program! and thanks for the information. I’m a Brit and
everything bar a few name changes is the same as our government is doing
here. I dont understand it all, BUT i am almost there. The only thing i
dont know is what to do with the little i have before the whole thing goes
pop. Take it out of the bank and put it under my pillow?? Buy a cabin in
the woods and wait for the turmoil to come.

dekay23 says:

Interesting video about banks and federal reserve. Ignore the ‘epic’ silly

Brian Lutzak says:

Mike what are the songs used in this video? They are great!

bruger444 says:

world leaders won’t let us change the system.. they are on top of the
monetary system, why bring it down?
this video should be called Capitalism 101.. and should be taught in
school.. its no big secret u can find out almost anywhere if u look for
it.. carl marx once said “capitalism will go from crisis to crisis until it
from a wiser citizens of the world just waiting for the impending collapse
of the world economy..

Elizabeth Lambert says:

PAYE came into being in New Zealand 1947

Tony Trenton says:

The only thing the public can do to circumvent personal disaster

Is to accumulate as much gold and silver as you can

Steve Blaggers says:

For more views on QE, banking and much more check out Max Keiser
interviewing Peter Schiff on RT.

Leo Mancino says:

people who don’t prepare will be wiped out? you take away peoples abilitys
to live a life, there WILL be chaos. all your investments in gold and
sliver are not going to protect a world without a direction. or a gun to
your head when people cannot buy food. its either we all (most) make it or
we all fail. simply as that.

Piyali Ganguly says:

I am always learning…all wide eyed…wondering why people work so hard
for money?

Very interesting. Do share your thoughts on this. ?

Leah H says:

Here is another secret. Money is a man made and is a concept and virtual by
nature. The real problem is how to introduce additional money into the
economy other than as debt. Here is the 1st of a 2 phase plan that will
RESET the economy and is the 1st step in creating a stable economy. Please

Johnny Silver says:

Any monetary system that’s based on debt inevitably needs more debt to
prolong it’s existence, since the several sectors of that economy that are
already recieving the fiat currency first were unprofitable from the very

If it were in a free market, these dishonest incompetents would be been
phased out a long time ago.

MaskinJunior says:

No, it is possible because you don’t have strong unions standing up for
minimum wages laws.

Alex Curry says:

First, let me say that I love this video and what you are trying to
accomplish. I sent it to my financial advisor and this is what he had to

[Hi Alex
Yes. I watched it twice. And I was trying not to respond because I have a
lot of problems with it.
First – there are no stock holders in the Federal Reserve Bank. I’ve heard
that conspiracy rumor before, but it’s just not true.
Second – the video insinuates that the banking system is somehow defrauding
the people by lending money. That’s what banks do. They take in deposits,
they borrow from the FED and they lend money. I believe the ratio is 10 to
1. They are a very highly regulated industry and there is no surprise
there. All of the borrowing and lending is accounted for by the Fed in the
money supply numbers. Again, there is no revelation here. In fact, at the
moment there is too much money in the banks and not enough lending going on.
The rest of video seems to be trying to shock its viewer, but there is
nothing shocking there. Just a lot half-truths and false conclusions. I
hope you understand what they are trying to accomplish. To build and
audience. I would be happy to chat further about it.
Sorry to be negative!

Let’s hear your rebuttal

mattpkp says:

Can someone explain why debt extinguishes currency ? If the banks start
collecting interest and loans are repaid, can’t they simply re-loan the
money they are being paid back? I can see the money is no longer in the
general economy and is in a bank vault somewhere, but it isn’t destroyed?

Punk Rock Kick says:

So glad that the internet was created.
We`ve been robbed.

Known this for quite some time, but this a good video to watch if you`re
new to this information.


alexlouder says:

It is really important to watch this documentary.

kLPantera says:

Why does the treasury pay principal and interest on bonds purchased from
the federal reserve in step 5? Didn’t the treasury sell to banks who then
sold to the federal reserve?

Willie Stewart says:

come on who cares about one million we need 300,000,000m now . get his out
there pls the one mil viewers

Bradford Peirce says:

How can you dispute fractional reserve banking, honestly?? No no we’ll
just have the bank keep all your money instead — forget school loans and
mortgages and business loans. This video is targeted for ignorant people.
Don’t just watch this video — UNDERSTAND it.

And there honestly is no problem with an increase in money supply. Prices
are tied to it just like you mention. Why the heck do you think grandma
could always get a cup of coffee for 5 cents? Rising prices ARE NOT a
symptom of inflation, inflation IS rising prices — google the definition
till your heart is content. An increase in money supply is a cause.

PLEASE folks these are just a few of the easy errors to point out. When you
repost this, tell people to look at it with an open mind and to do some

vince arora says:

do not give any american dollars to a musllim person. do not take any
american dollars from a muslim person. you should end any connections you
have with muslim people.

Joshua Barry says:

Is it fair to say that when the fed writes a check to the banks when they
purchase the IOU’s they print the money that covers the amount of the check
so the banks get their cash?

Patrick Rodgers says:

Even though all this fraud and anti-constitution governmental spending is
occurring, there is still hope. The overall market still has power in all
this but I truly hope the government take this monetary/currency mess of a
system as a serious problem especially for us millenials

Sean Haggerty says:

Where is episode #1 please post it.

Juan Diego Ruiz says:

I want to see episode 5 NOW!!!! 🙂

Guilherme Furst says:

I’ve seen this time and time again. Something that is well explained here
has been in lot of other documentaries, on top of my mind, is Zeitgeist.
Although good, it bothers me that its saying for the system in the US, and
US alone. Capitalism and the current monetary system is world wide, and the
documenters seem to forget this little detail.
For my own example, here in Brazil, we too have have a Federal Reserve, but
this is really a public government owned organization. We suffer from a
stealing 45% tax, poor public services, and incredible income discrepancy.

FutureMoneyTrends says:

Congratulations on 1 million views mike!

Stuart Stephens says:

This is a very well done video (part 4 of a series) on the modern banking
system. Excellent illustrations of the monetization currently underway. If
you like my rants, take a couple hours to watch the series!

The Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind – Hidden Secrets of Money 4 –
Mike Maloney

tacitus7 says:

In general, I think this is an excellent video. However, at 13 minutes it
is posited that the debt can never be paid off because new money must
always be created to pay off the interest. What we forget here is that all
things, gold, land, etc. are denominated in dollars. So in addition to the
currency, there are real goods. These can be used to pay off the
interest. If they are used, rather than new currency, of course, this
would be deflationary. That is why they chose not to do it this way. But
it could be done. Open to feedback.

Tabrez says:

For your empowerment.

John Davis says:

Every one needs to watch this!!

John Kirch says:

Al-Hamdulillah, it’s good to see that some non-Muslims actually understand
the monetary system that has been imposed on us. Maybe the rest of the
Muslims (the non-Malikis) will finally wake up to Gold/Silver or even
Bitcoin. It doesn’t have to stay this way. I highly encourage you to watch
this informative video from beginning to end. No one is trying to sell you
anything. This is NOT an “infomercial”! Wake UP and smell the coffee!

Tho1 says:

Hello, u have one question which I feel that Mike is contradicting himself.
I saw a video from where Mike said he doesn’t sell collector
coin which I believe is contrary to what he is actually selling now on his
website. Isn’t selling Pegusas round as collector item? Here
is the link to the video where he specifically say that. Mike Maloney, Why
Do You Sell Silver And Sell Gold If They Are That Good?

Os He says:

check out banking 101 by positivemoney on youtube it is more accurate and
based on the latest banking systems.

Occupy The Polls says:

*Our entire monetary system is nothing but a form of legalized theft.*

#Money V. #Currency

Brian DCruz says:

Watched this VDO many times since it came on line last month and Mike
Maloney’s other VDOs and have to agree that CHANGE in fiscal system is due
to whack us all soon! And the US is buying gold backend while making the
prices drop frontend due to stronger dollars

Antoine Ferland says:

doing right now)

Linda Daniel says:

There is the world’s economy and God’s economy. I promise you…God’s
economy always WINS…ALWAYS! This system created by God haters is coming
to an end.

dakippins says:

Here ! How much of my worthelss paper would you like me to give you, in
exchange for real money for 5000 yrs

Campeon as says:

You need to get more creative. Bitcoin/digital currency is taking
off…combine something like that with actual Silver. Remove every Oz of
Silver off the market in the process…then watch the bullion banks squirm.

K. W. McClellan says:

You must not have taken economics in high school–

David Hutson says:

Well you 346 dislikes must be the mega rich that is making all the money
off of the federal res.

BBGT88 says:

how can we help to stop this? Is it impossible?

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