The Debt – Movie Review by Chris Stuckmann

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Film critic Chris Stuckmann reviews The Debt, starring Helen Mirren, Jessica Chastain, Sam Worthington, Marton Csokas, Tom Wilkinson, Ciarán Hinds and Jesper Christensen. Directed by John Madden.


aerialkate says:

He's absolutely right about Chastain's performance. She should've got a nod from the Academy, but not enough people saw the film. Her performance was memorable. The scenes where she's at the gynaecologist are particularly convincing and moving – she got it just right. The guy who played the doctor was also riveting.

Ipek Komurcu says:

It's 2016 and Jessica Chastain still deserves an Oscar for eveything she has done 😀

Zeke Thompson says:

You have the best reviews man!

F1rsttime_online says:

His shirt. 😀

Mackenzie Lambert says:

My favorite film of 2011!

Messiahs says:

Is it really that sam worthingtion is acting good? I mean this would be really…ehr new 😉

dirtsleeper says:

It's a much better film than the trailers make it look.

folladordeprostis says:

Great movie,it was weird to see the avatarian sam in a realistic movie

Ben Daniels says:

Is your old channel still on YouTube? If so, what Is the username for it?

Dr. Jim P. Tupper says:

The Debt isn't coming to theaters where I live! D:

Kenny Perdomo says:

i will check out!!!! thanks!

Drink more water says:

lol john madden

JoshTheCritic says:

dude! great review! I'm definitely going to check this out if i get the chance. I love your reviews.
Did you like Kick-Ass?

DaRunningMan says:

Just to let you know Chris, and anyone else who doesn't know, this movie is a remake of a 2007 Israeli film of the same name.

Here is a trailer for the original film: /watch?v=STkRnPviRAQ

Charlie Morse says:

I'm seeing this in one hour. Great review.

BlairSavage1994 says:

Emma Stone is naturally blonde she had to die her hair red for superbad and kept it

Zach Hayes says:

I'm going to see it. I might even review it. Thanks for the reviews.

joseph10704 says:

this does look like a good film ,but i too am just thinking about what if people dont see this film because of whats else is comeing out,but hey i think i would see it the only thing is i have to see who will see it with me because i know my friends dont like these kinds of films there more of the of a shark 3D people but that film looks crap i rather see this film lol good review and have a good one bro.

Ryan McKerley says:

Thanks for this review Chris! I really want to see this film. I have been interested in it since I was the first trailer a couple months ago. Great review! Thanks again

futurestoryteller says:

Right now it's only got a 6.8 on IMDb, there aren't many votes, but that's the same as Terminator Salvation. What's the reason for that?

Brandon Perry says:

I would rather see this then the other movies coming out, The others seem like rentals to me.

Tevya Smolka says:

i am going to the debt instead of those movies

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