The Secret World of Debt Collection: Beat Collectors at Their Own Game – a Former Collections Executive Reveals How

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Do you know that millions of dollars of debt are collected illegally every year? Do you know that it may be possible for you to receive a payment from a debt collector or creditor for legal damages? The Secret World of Debt Collection shows readers how they can reduce their personal debt and possibly win thousands in legal compensation. I wrote this book because it’s only fair that you find out what you’re really up against when it comes to consumer credit, finance, and collections.

Attorney and former debt collections CEO, Mike Cardoza wants you to know that what you might think is an impossible situation is not. Mike Cardoza is the most senior executive from the consumer credit and finance industry to publish such a comprehensive account on the vulnerabilities and shortcomings of American consumer credit and debt collection companies. A former CEO and Executive Vice President in debt collections, he lays bare the economic realities of the U.S. credit and collections system that virtually ensures that millions of dollars of debt are collected illegally every year.



dirty tricks and shady business aims of some of the … Most helpful and informative financial based self help book on the market today. Written by an insider to the business, with a knowledge of industry practices, dirty tricks and shady business aims of some of the worst underbelly, white collar predators around the American economy today, and the best and most effective ways to fight them. This book gave me a heads up on fighting these debt collectors and and a fresh start at rebuilding my financial future. Highly reccomend. Mr Cardoza and…

Colby Vokey says:

The Book Every American Should Read An incredibly insightful and concise explanation of how debt collection works. Well written – the book is both informative and fun to read. Mike is a truly gifted writer, which is more than one can say about most lawyers. I trust what Mike says here as I know he is a competent and skilled trial attorney. I also served with Mike in the Marine Corps (he even worked for me for a time) and I can tell you that he is the consummate professional and one of the most zealous advocates for his clients…

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