Trump’s Tax Avoidance and Massive Debt Revealed | The Daily Social Distancing Show

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A New York Times report reveals Donald Trump paid just $750 in federal income taxes in 2016 and 2017, wrote off $70,000 for his hair during “The Apprentice” and has amassed $421 million in personal debt. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #Trump

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Did Mir says:

Oh yeah you nailed it again Trevor. Especially the last segment. Couldn’t stop laughing

pearlexi says:

Ahh now this explains why Trump didn’t have $130k to pay Stormy Daniels that’s why Michael Cohen had to take out his home equity to pay her.

abendrot says:

I love this show but this whole situation is just not funny anymore. I don't even wanna laugh, I'm just fucking angry

Steve Wolf says:

How come nothing on the blm guy that embezzled $200,000. Where did all the blm money go

Tae Young Ominde says:

They got me at Roy Wood Jr's part.???

Carlos Guerrero says:


kargar11 says:

I’m so mad at this situation, but that last clip was ???

John Tibbles says:

He’s talking about how trump sucks with money but doesn’t realize his whole show is relying on talking shit on trump. That’s the only way you get money. When trump is gone, your show is gone.

Malak Benmoussa says:

When I heard my distant family voted for him I said " well I won't ever meet them." For real

Teigen B says:

Is anyone really surprised though?

Yemi Czar says:

But if Trump did all this for this long, pretending to be rich and created this huge lunatic base, damn maniac is goddamn smart. I do not like him, he talks nonsense but he is a smart motherfucker. It is a huge smart thing to fool so many a people for this long. The popularity and expansion of his ilks in their millions is astonishing. It is like a Zombie horror movie where people get infected by contact!

Kyli Gnader says:

WHAT DOES BIDEN STAND FOR?? Can anybody talk about that?? Obama’s taxes?? Are we going to ignore the hypocrisy here??

Randy Solis says:

So trump is so broke that he gave away all his presidential money to charity’s mmm.. a broke man working for free! This guys hatred is unbelievable maybe he should cover the real bombshell story how trump made peace in the Middle East and bringing back our troops without bombing and killing Innocent women and children ?

Iconic Blue says:

Just saying I wasn't a Hilary fan but, REMEMBER people DEMANDED to see her emails but, people seem okay not seeing Trump's tax returns…

HackNPlay says:

Fallow the money!

Lala Ghana-Love says:

What's funny is that people commenting here don't even realise that all these rich people you idolize have the exact same tax evasion deals; but because u like them and they're your political and mainstream faves, you're laughing with them instead of asking how they're staying rich ?. And ftr I could care less about Trump. I hate all these people coz they're all parasites on us at the bottom. While yall hype your millionaire late night show hosts as u laugh at that idiot Trump, remember that all super rich people are in parasitic relationships with you.

AweZum Alice says:

Unless you are a tax consultant shut up… And they never post the actual tax paper i call bullshit ? show me the paper that says 750

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