US National Debt, Part 3: Consequences

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BAKU – The US budget deficit for the fiscal year 2018 hit 779 billion USD, which is 17 percent more than the year before. Much of the increase is pegged to Trump’s recent legislations. Moreover, the Congressional Budget Office expects the federal deficit to eclipse 1 trillion USD in 2020, which would generate about 9,5 trillion USD in debt over the coming decade. Yet, as substantial as this sounds, the United States is neither at risk of default nor can it continue to spend with impunity.

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n a says:

Bill Clinton balanced the budget and even created a surplus in the 90s. Too bad we didn't stick to his policies instead of wasteful wars & bs bank loan oversight from the Bush administration, industry ballouts and continued war funding from the Obama administration and the massive spending spree + business tax giveaway of the Trump administration. Fingers crossed the next guy takes a page from Bill

Ole Olson says:

Trump and conservative Republicans have DOUBLED the deficit in only 2 years. #Fact

UNIDEN2211 says:

My take from programs like this and other economic forecasts, analysis by the so called experts, is that the US will be able to keep going on its current economic path, print money for at least ten more yrs to grow the debt, without much distress. Financial and economic crisis is not upon us and we will continue the dysfunction in our gov't and economy: the rich will get richer, the poor will double in number, the sheep will suck up their pain and anger, and we will keep our world wide hegemony, dominance of the world for a decade, war or no war.

No big shtf unless the bankers want to finish the US and kill the cash cow. No, not soon.
Since the bankers and super rich elites have not extracted all the wealth from the US, (US citizens), and sold off the nations assets, we will just keep "keeping on". No worries.
Markets will not collapse. we can borrow and Print money, do bail ins if needed , and tax the middle class slowly, to keep the music playing and the military industrial complex running smoothly. Collapse is not imminent. We have not maxed out our capacity yet.
Those that think we will hit bottom in 2020 are wrong. Not even close.

Amarin Chutitanarat says:

Would the US ever consider selling off its non-State colonies? Like Puerto Rico, Guam, etc? The US did has the history of BUYING territories from Spain and Russia (Philippines and Alaska), so maybe selling will be an option in the future?

Rhys Hughes says:

ha ha ha defence spending spiral has finally started to see the snake begin to eat its tail.

Hossam K says:

One correction, the Federal Reserve is NOT a central bank, it’s not even a US government owned entity, it’s 100% private bank. Many people get tricked by the name federal in Federal Bank, but as they say, the federal bank is as federal as federal express “FedEx” just a name.

gypsydanger says:

Raising taxes and cutting spending carefully is the way out.
Everybody will have to take a haircut to solve this problem.
More than happy to do this to keep America #1.

Green Brain Seaside says:

4:40 "net interest expense – interest payment that federal gov has borrowed"

– borrowed from who?

Black Wallstreet says:

Geopolitics of the Ethiopia vs Egypt in the water wars. And do a video on Iran vs Israel/Saudi Arabia in this proxy war..

John 14 28 says:

It is unprecedent because this type of economy has never been seen before. The USA is on the verge of total world conquest. the USA is the second beast mentioned in the book of revelations chapter 13. having full power and authority of the first beast witch is the papacy of Rome. The US will make an image onto the first beast (Rome) in the end times witch isn't too far away. the first half of that chapter gives you the history the roman papacy. Then after verse 10 talks about the US being like a lamb (Christ like) but speaking like a dragon (acting like satan). the US is the most Christian nation on earth yet it is the most hostile.

The federal reserve has power to deliver as much credit as it wants because its masters in rome have unlimited gold and silver at its disposal. just Spain (holy roman empire) alone conquered 3 world empires and had gold and silver deliveries with up to 50 galley armadas twice a year for 200 years dropping tons and tons off at Seville then Rome. You cant unleash unlimited credit as the US receives without having unlimited amounts of gold at your disposal.

we're not even talking about the other nations under romes control over the past few centuries since martin luther, like france, germany, Portugal, her conquest of great britian in 1688, her conquest of china in the 1840s, japan in the 1860s, her killing of Lincoln and taking control the American federal government, the scramble for Africa in the late 19th century, the conquest of the Russian tzar, and ottoman sultan at the conclusion of world war 1. This is a world power that controls all the nations from Rome.

JL Stout says:

Lisa Simpson is going to have a rough time getting us out of this one!

Tarik Al-Hoshan says:

One alternative to the dollar is gold.

SkipinlLA says:

Imagine taxing Roth IRA withdraws hahahahaaj

minimaxx21 says:

Thanks for sharing. Great channel & especially interesting topic.
What's your stand on future outlook of currencies?
I'm especially interested in sound money (like BTC,LTC,DODGE,DIGIBIYTE,..)
What's your perspective on those, in regards to 'crypto money' issued by Central Banks.. and reforms necessary due to 'AI'-related global economic impacts. Also institutional investors might come into play soon (baakt, ice, fidelity,..)
Would be great to hear your thoughts on how all this hetrogen stakeholder relationships might play out on a 2-8 year time scale.
Cheers & thanks again for awesome contents.

Bucketandamop1 says:

The US debt is not a problem. It would be like if someone making $200,000 buys a $1 million dollar house. Yes the person is in debt, but he or she can afford it. Many developed countries, like Japan, face similar debt levels, but it's not a problem. It's a different scenario for countries like Greece and Italy because they don't make enough to be spending the amount they spend.

Nicolas Medina says:

What's the difference between mandatory and discretionary spending?

FortuitusVideo says:

US is screwed.

Miguel Angelo says:

Party of Balanced Budget

nik Bahtin says:

Screw America's "geopolitical interests" they are just one reccesion a way from doubling it's total debt and it's should be the government job to pay this debt during an economic boom like this one because as the state of capitalist economies is that they are very endemic to crisises.

dika2saja says:

US power projection is changing, China rising power is the main reasons.

Simple Life is Best Life says:

Can you enable captions please

Aki Rodic says:

Sounds better at 1.25% speed

J. E. N. OCTOBER says:

Focus on China's debt = representing more than 300% GDP. Far greater than the US, representing 106% of GDP,. Far Greater than Japan, representing 250% of GDP

rkb100100 says:

Much respect to your channel and work but there may be something you've misunderstood on this topic. Most US spending is mandatory and on autopilot – meaning it is scheduled to increase year after year. No President – Trump, Obama Bush or anyone else can stop this. Add to this political pressure groups demanding everything from additional program funding to tax-cuts and it is clear that the US Government cannot stop itself from destroying itself and the world economy.

Graeme SYDNEY says:

Raise taxes??? – all they have to do is gather what is already due. It is estimated that the US Fed Govt misses out on $480 BILLION dollars p.a. It is also estimated that for every dollar spent on bureaucracy to collect the correct tax the govt gets a further four dollars in return (profit). I wonder why. The P.A.Y.E. tax payers pay their way, it is the rich and business with deductions, tax lawyers and accountants, and large political donations who don't.

CynicalCell says:

Instead of stealing all your citizens money (taxation) why don't you advocate less spending? Excessive taxation has been the death of every empire, and it usually comes right after the ruling class depletes the national treasury due to overspending. The only difference now, is that we don't use real money. I'd advice everyone to trade your fiat in for some now, while it's still cheap.Remember all debts and assets can be wiped away with the stroke of a pen. Real money in your pocket, they have to kill you to get that.

S.P. Smith Audio says:

The day the United States of America is no longer able to print money is the day they will start worrying about national debt. They’re a sovereign, currency issuing nation. ‘Debt’ that resides in currency they issue is not debt for them.

outbacktrek says:

so the gopRepublican mafiaDon/pricPence budget is a poisonPill for militaryBudget cuts or salary/benefit cuts to the corruptBureaucracy before cutting taxpayers burden4mafiaDon's taxScam cuts…..

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