Watch a Successful Mediation

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Close (Maitland, Florida) (Cocoa Beach, Florida) Garfinkel Schwartz is a Defense Base Act Law and Longshore Act Law firm that helps injured and sick civilian contractors and longshoremen to regain denied medical care and benefits.

Defense Base Act law and Longshore Act law is federal law. Garfinkel Schwartz tries and handles cases around the U.S. for clients around the world. There are no boundaries. If you need help and want to talk, we’ll find a way. Whether you mail a letter, send an e-mail or do a FaceTime, Skype, Video Conference, Whats App or Facebook chat or Google Hangout…we’ll find a way to communicate with you.

It’s not easy to fight your employer or your insurer on your own. The insurance companies have the best attorneys available so you should lawyer up. Talk with a couple attorneys to find someone you trust and who agrees to fight for your case.

Insurers can cancel benefits or medical care without warning. It’s your right to choose your attorney, your doctors and the DBA Act or Longshore Act covers it if you have a case. Do you have a case? If you’re hurt and sick, can’t heal and recover you have to find out because the rights are clear under the DBA.

Get help from an experienced Defense Base Act Law and Longshore Act Law lawyer. Interview lawyers until you’re confident and comfortable with your representation. Your case may continue, your care may continue for a long time.

It doesn’t matter where you live because Garfinkel Schwartz will travel to you. Brian flies to any state or country you live in.

Questions? Call attorney Brian Wiklendt 24 hours a day 1-800-393-2999. You may get a return call after hours, weekends…as soon as Brian is able or 30-year paralegal Doreen Cabral may call.

Give return calls a brief amount of time as travel, meetings, court dates happen all the time. But as soon as there’s a break, Doreen or Brian ALWAYS call back. That’s a Garfinkel Schwartz law firm promise.

We will get back to you as soon as we can. Garfinkel Schwartz is committed to helping one family, one person at a time. We’re based in (Maitland, Florida) and (Cocoa Beach, Florida) but work with clients everywhere because Longshore and DBA is federal law.


Divinity M Suddenrise says:

This was helpful. I wish I would’ve have seen this sooner.

sean leonard says:

This definition of success in mediation is wrong . A jury makes more sense . Seems like the money given is just some cash . The winners seem to be everyone else lawyers , mediator, defendant who keeps this off their record as having been found wrong in their business practices .?

sean leonard says:

So basically it sounds like the guilty party just pays some cash to keep their record clean ?

Donnie Hayes says:

Wow good videi,sir is it based on the damages or how many they receive

Two sicilian sisters says:

Your microphone

christine johnson says:

I did not expect this explanation…more action…the actual mediation…doesn't make sense to me.

Young Blacc says:

What if the eeoc tells me my employer did not want to settle during mediation, but the process was nothing like this. Im thinking eeoc lied to me because i was told i must have an in person mediation or over the phone but i never had neither

Daddy Mac says:

Will I see my employer at the medication ?

Aktivly on the road says:

The title says Watch a successful mediation. Where is the mediation?

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