What If The US Paid Off Its Debt?

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What would happen to the US if it paid off its debt?

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The Infographics Show says:

Is debt logic hard to understand? There's a lot of good comments on what debt is. Do you think you are good at balancing your finances?

Ronny Lim says:


Space Bound says:

You never mentioned the rather important fact that this debt was completely incurred over Bush, Obama, and still going on with Trump. President Bill Cinton got the country into a surplus.

Destroyer_5 Rockz says:

Well if we convince Bill Gates to give away most of his life savings they all of our debt would be covered! Bill Gates has $20 trillion extra if he gives away his money to the government! That will never happen lol…

Tanner Durkee says:

He put trump. What a joke.

pug king says:

we make are own money hmmmmmmmmmm

dfurla says:

This video is not accurate in a lot of areas but the most annoying is saying that printing money cause hyper inflation. That is just wrong. Hyper inflation is caused by unstable governments and has nothing to do with printing money.

Cat vs you choose says:

Stop hitting the mic its annoying!

Ashton Brown says:

0:09 y'all forgot to highlight Hawaii

Jon Oliver says:

Props on that smooth ad transition I must say

Schpankme Verimuch says:

US INC can never pay off its debt by design, for the money printed (loaned) does not include the interest.

Andrew Adricatico says:

No one wants to pay more on taxes.. have you met California?? They love paying extra it’s a fetish

Eddie Moises says:

It's impossible to pay off US debt. The bond we use to create money has interest to payback. Which we use to make more bonds to payoff those debt, and the cycle continues.

Aron Marduk says:

And the best part is that the american taxpayer is the one who will pay back the debt…we are all screwed!

xuridun says:

This is a shit video, just like your videos on technology.

Lee Turner says:

Why can't you just print money to pay the inflation of the debt off. They would have to put that money into the system anyway so it would not increase inflation.. Now the gold standard has been dropped money is what people think it is. So take advantage of that.

Micahmanx9 says:

6:00 it should show Obama instead of Trump.

Reverse Flash says:

Officer Barbrady?

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