Debt Consolidation 101: Your Self-Help Program

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This Program will teach you how to start managing your own debt through understanding your debt. This program will also teach you about your spending habits. You will learn how to know what fees you are being charged and how to cut these fees and lower you total debt. You will learn about your interest rates, late fees, over credit limit fees, transfer fees and how you can lower these fees and save yourself money. Work Sheets are provided along with directions on how to use these Work Sheets. You will begin by listing your individual credit card information and your retail store account information to learn your debt situation. YOU WILL LEARN TO BECOME IN CONTROL OF YOUR CREDIT – NOT YOUR CREDIT CONTROLLING YOU.

Product Features

  • Used Book in Good Condition


Chris Douglas says:

Debt Consolidation 101 BIG DISAPPOINTMENT!!! The book is about Credit Cards & paying them off. The types, kinds of intrest charges, & uses.The book startes out with her sad little story (1 1/2 pgs) then you get about 10 pages on kinds, uses, late payment, intrest for credit cards.Then 4 pgs on HOW TO READ your bill & about 1 pg on setting up a budget.171 pages are in the book & with quick glance I see 27 pages with info. & the rest of the book is black work sheets.The…

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