Debt Counselling

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Debt Busters CEO Ian Wason explains the debt counselling process

Professional debt advice is free from Licensed Insolvency Trustees. They will explain all your options so you can decide the best solution for your situation.

For more information about debt help services in Ontario, please call 519-310-JOHN (5646) or contact us via:


At we have an easy 6 step application process:

Step 1: Complete the call back form online at A DebtSafe call centre agent will contact you to give you a step-by-step explanation of how the process works and send you an application form.

Step 2: Within two working days a personal consultant will contact you to discuss the details of your application.

Step 3: Once you have signed the application form, your creditors will be notified within five working days. You are now in debt counselling and protected from creditors.

Step 4: Your new Personal Payment Plan will now be sent to all creditors with new instalments.

Step 5: We will have your application issued at your local magistrate within 60 workings days.

Step 6: The debt counsellor will facilitate your debt re-arrangement application at your local magistrate.

DebtBusters is South Africa’s largest and most successful debt companies, striving to assist our clients every step of the way towards financial stability. With more than 12,000 satisfied clients to date, we are the largest debt management company in the country. We offer a personalised service that is tailored to suit each individual’s situation and operate countrywide. With more than 120 staff, we are able to assist you every step of the way for however long it may take.

Jabu is a 30 year old young man who worked for a corporate finance firm and
lived in an expensive loft apartment in a trendy corner of Sandton. Close to the
capital’s financial district and had a fondness for fine dining. Jabu is well
dressed young man who mixes grueling hours in Sandton’s financial district with
a lavish social life in the capital’s nightspots.

Jabu is paying mortgage for his expensive loft apartment and drives 2 latest
BMWs. When the recession hit South Africa, Jabu got a huge pay cut.
Jabu appeared to see his work hard, play hard lifestyle (play the hip hop track
work hard play hard here) unraveling and he decides to approach the bank to
borrow so that he can sustain his lifestyle. Jabu ends up with a trail of debt
which includes huge credit card debt, 6 micro loans, retail/ store card debt.

Jabu calls Debt Sage One of South Africa s growing Debt Counseling companies
based in Johannesburg.

Congratulations to Jabu for taking first step in controlling his debt. It’s
important that Jabu and Debt Sage work together on this, because he knows his
situation and Debt Sage can help. Talking things over with Debt Sage who have
knowledgeable debt counselors and have helped hundreds of people just like you
may be all you need. Debt Sage has helped South African consumers save their
homes, vehicles and get rid of debt fast.

How does Debt Sage help Jabu. Nobody blames the tiger for stalking its prey, but
society blames the zookeeper for leaving the tiger’s cage open. But at Debt Sage
we understand your situation and we do not judge.

Debt Sage will then first, Come up with a budget and see how much you need for your household and whatever remains is channeled towards your debt.

Debt Sage we will negotiate on your behalf to have your current debt restructured with all your existing creditors. Money is not loaned, but a manageable repayment plan is achieved. Debt Sage will achieve this through loan modification which includes lowering the interest rate or extending the term of the loan among other alternative techniques

Drastic times require drastic measures! If you are really deep into debt you
might want to consider more drastic steps in Jabu s case like moving to a city
with lower cost of living, to a smaller house, to an apartment with lower rent


Getting rid of debt is like going on a financial diet; it is not easy and the
temptations to give in are high. Debt Sage will be there with you all the way.
There will be that tiny voice in your head that says, what s the point of money
if you can t enjoy life? Call Debt Sage today to get out debt fast. We
understand debt and we are changing lives in South Africa.