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National Debt Mediation Association CEO, Magauta Mphahlele, explores the debt industry This video recording offers a quick overview of debt counselling in Scarborough West and bordering areas as to what credit and debt counselling is as well as your alternate options to personal debt counselling in Ontario.

Credit Counselling in Scarborough West
So many people are experiencing a difficult time paying their debt, whether it’s credit cards or any similar kinds of debt.

Are you one of them?

Are you likewise struggling getting rid of your debts for a few months or perhaps many years?

Are you one of the many people today who disregard the issue or wait and allow it to accumulate, or maybe stubbornly hang on in worry about filing for bankruptcy?

The easiest way to find the very best option is going to be receiving advice through a personal debt professional, although not every one of them can provide all the options that may be the most beneficial remedy for you.

Financial debt counselling is an excellent option versus personal bankruptcy, wherein quite a lot of individuals who usually do not want bankruptcy as a solution to their money problems.

Speaking with a Licensed Insolvency Trustee will help you through all of the choices which might be right for you personally so that you can make the most effective choice for your circumstance.

Consulting with a trustee doesn’t signify you are filing for bankruptcy, instead, they will review your circumstances and give you all your options to discover the right option to your debt worries, such as credit and debt management, a consolidation loan, a consumer proposal and individual bankruptcy.

Richard Killen and Associates have been offering financial debt and credit counselling for more than 25 years. We use a variety of tools to ensure you get out of debt but not just that, we also provide basic credit education about budgeting and money management skills that will help you to reach your financial goals.

“This Could Be The Most Stress Relieving Phone call You’ll Ever Make!”

We have offices over the GTA. Visit for more information.

Richard Killen & Associates Ltd Scarborough West
2130 Lawrence Ave, E #402, Scarborough, ON M1R 3A6, Canada
Tel: +1 416-285-9511

Scarborough West

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Is debt consolidation a good move or a bad move? In this video, I’ll go over some of the pros and the cons of using a debt consolidation service and then I’ll show you how to boost your credit score with consolidating your debt.

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Wholesale Tradelines, legally adds positive history to your credit report with seasoned authorized user tradelines. We do this by adding you as an authorized user to an existing credit card account that has a long history of perfect payments, with little or no balance.

Additionally, we give those with good credit, the opportunity to earn a monthly passive income in our cardholder program.

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Hey everyone! Today’s video is a little bit of a debt update where I share my feelings about having so much debt hanging over our heads as well as how I have been budgeting in hopes of eliminating this debt for good.

My first debt video:
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Jordan page budgeting video:

Hi! My name is Alyssa and I’m a new grad registered nurse. I passed the NCLEX in December and have started my first nursing job.

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A review of the Florida Mediation process by Florida consumer defense attorney R. Scott Cedola. Visit his office at or call 866-475-DEBT (3328).

Now in this video im going to break down all the pros and cons and especially answer these questions that I know you’re having. Are debt Consolidation a good thing, or are they a bad thing.

Questions I’m going to answer
– Low Monthly Payment
– Low apr
– I only owe one person

Well I’ve gotten letters for Student loan refinancing, credit cards and even Auto loans ( I don’t even own a car)
– I owe 12-13k in credit card debt and pay no interest, and I pay no interest
– I get offers every week to refinance and pay a low minimum payment, lower apr, and one person.
– Oh, don’t forget about the low rates offered of 4-12%, which sounds a lot better than 25-35 with a credit card.

Do Debt Consolidation Loan actually work | Pay Off Debt

Pros: according to the Companies ( Do Math) and Compared to a Credit Card
Low Monthly Payment
Story: Instead of paying only the minimum on credit cards and finishing in 5-13 years
– You refinance your loan and be done between 12-60 months ( which sounds a lot better than 13 years)
– You can also prepay the debt and be down sooner
Lower Apr
One Bill
Story: Stuck paying 6 credit cards and the balance seems like it doesn’t go down

Low Monthly Payments: Its longer and usually they’ll win more
Lower Apr: It’s lower, but it’s on a higher balance
One Bill: they make the profits and cut out the credit cards and hope you do it all over again





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