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The number of South African consumers seeking help to manage debt soared in the first quarter with enquiries at South Africa’s largest debt counsellor up 31% compared to the same period in 2020; that’s according to DebtBusters.

Benay Sager, head of DebtBusters joins me now

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What happens once you have paid up your debt while being under debt review?

Powerpoint presentation about the basics of debt counselling in South Africa.

Debt consolidation loans allow consumers to pay off credit card bills with the help of a bank loan. Consumers should be mindful not to go back into debt after paying off credit cards. Find out more about debt consolidation with information from a registered financial consultant in this free video on money management.

Expert: Patrick Munro
Bio: Patrick Munro is a registered financial consultant (RFC) with outstanding sales volume of progressive financial products and solutions to the senior and boomer marketplace.
Filmmaker: Reel Media LLC

We were tasked to create a modern simplified explainer video that would help communicate their new product to existing clients through digital internal platforms. Furthermore, we worked closely together with them, from scriptwriting, the art direction of the scenes in the storyboard and final effects including sound design. We finished off the video by using the client’s talented marketing manager for the voice-over.

SWITCH is a software solution aimed at credit providers (banks, retailers, etc.) who need to retrieve data from multiple Debt Counselling companies that use an array of debt review software services. SWITCH has integrated with all the leading debt review packages to offer automated data retrieval and hosting for credit providers.
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Learn how a simple consolidation strategy can help you keep on top of your finances and save you money.

Life is busy and keeping track of the details can be tough, but keeping on top of your money shouldn’t be. By consolidating your finances under one roof, you can take advantage of money-saving opportunities and easily track your banking and investments. You can also take advantage of any special rewards that are offered!

Find out how consolidating your finances can help you manage them: This video recording offers a guide on debt counselling in Pickering & Ajax and neighbouring areas regarding what credit and debt counselling is, as well as your alternate options to credit and debt counselling in Ontario.

Debt Counselling in Pickering & Ajax.
Tons of people today are experiencing trouble repaying their credit debt, whether it’s charge cards or almost any other sorts of debt.

Are you one of them?

Are you also finding it difficult getting rid of your own debts for several months or perhaps quite a few years?

Are you among the list of people today who disregard the situation or procrastinate and let it accumulate, or perhaps stubbornly hold on in fear of filing for bankruptcy?

The right way to obtain the most effective solution is usually obtaining help and advice from a debt professional, however not every one of them can provide all the options that may be the most appropriate remedy for you.

Financial debt counselling is a good option to personal bankruptcy, where quite a lot of people who usually do not desire personal bankruptcy as a fix to their debt troubles.

Talking with a Licensed Insolvency Trustee will direct you through all of the options which may be appropriate for you personally, in order to make the most effective choice for your circumstances.

Consulting with a trustee doesn’t indicate you are filing for bankruptcy, instead, they’ll review your circumstance and provide you all your options to obtain the suitable solution to your debt issues, including credit and debt management, a consolidation loan, a consumer proposal and bankruptcy.

Richard Killen and Associates have been providing financial debt and credit counselling for more than 25 years. We make use of a combination of tools to make certain that you get out of debt however not only that, we provide basic credit education about budgeting and money management skills to assist you to reach your financial goals.

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Delusional Man Is $100M IN DEBT And Begging For Money…

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Today we take a look at the story behind one of the BIGGEST wastes of money I’ve ever seen, this house is called “The One” and it’s located in Bel Air. YouTuber ProducerMichael did a one-off tour of this grand money pit and sat down with its creator, Nile Niami. This is an insane look at what happens when you give a man with grandiose ideas $110,000,000 and needless to say it looks like his investors AREN’T going to be getting their money back. Keep watching to the very end to see just how insane some of his ideas are, they certainly made me laugh and I had to share with you all.

Today’s gameplay is from the game “Trials Rising”.


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