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CAJ Mediation group attempting to conduct a credit card scam. Sounds like they are based out of Jamaica or some other Caribbean island.

Here is the phone number: 1-844-622-8179

Please inform your friends and family, especially those who are older. These people are ruthless and will not stop. This has been occurring for months despite me giving them a hard time whenever they call

My phone stopped recording half way through. Basically, this individual told me that I could settle with a credit card, so I gave him a BS number and asked if he was a scammer… He said no. I then told him that I was well aware that they were scammers and that I’d be forwarding their number to the authorities. I swore a bit at the end too… Wish you all could have heard that!

Notice how nervous he seems. He cannot tell me where this loan originates from. The emphasis at Jackson Lalic Lawyers is to provide assistance in a cost-effective and imaginative way. Call by Phone No: 61 2 9262 1770.

The Conservative Party’s Victorian Senate candidate,  finance expert Kevin Bailey, says the Banking Royal Commission report isn’t all bad news.

This is video three in a four part series that explains farm debt mediation in NSW. This video focuses on the role of the mediator and others attending a farm debt mediation under the Farm Debt Mediation Act 1994. In NSW, a panel of nationally accredited mediators help lenders and farmers to have effective conversations about farm business issues. The video also discusses how others can provide support and assistance during a farm debt mediation. It notes that mediators are neutral facilitators who do not provide legal or financial advice.

Getting started on defense, and getting started on discovery are key to self defense in debt cases. For help defending yourself correctly and powerfully from debt collectors, check us out at

One of the first steps in defending yourself in debt litigation is beginning discovery – you should not wait for the debt collectors to start their discovery before you start yours.

2018-05-16 – Farm Debt Mediation Bill – First Reading – Video 1

Mark Patterson

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2018-05-16 – Farm Debt Mediation Bill – First Reading – Video 10

Hamish Walker

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National Debt Mediation Association CEO, Magauta Mphahlele, discusses various debt options.

National Debt Mediation Association CEO, Magauta Mphahlele, discusses debt traps.