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National Debt Relief is a BBB Accredited Business based out of New York City, New York. NDR has helped consumers get out of debt for over 9 years. Having helped thousands of consumers and small business owners reduce their unsecured credit card debt and medical bills, NDR seeks to help many more struggling with financial hardships.

After a free debt analysis and review of a consumer’s budget, National Debt Relief offers a proven plan out of debt through debt mediation or debt arbitration normally known as debt settlement or debt negotiation.

This debt reduction plan allows consumers to consolidate their debt, lower their monthly payments and resolve their debts in as little as 24 to 48 months. While your debt reduction results may vary, many consumers who have successfully completed their credit card consolidation plan have saved thousands off their credit card bills.

National Debt Relief offers a strong money back guarantee in case a client is ever dissatisfied with how their program is going.

NDR knows that its plan to resolve outstanding debt is not for everyone. Not everyone will qualify to consolidate their credit card debts. They just want consumers to know about this debt relief plan and compare it to credit counseling, home equity loans, debt management plans and a bankruptcy filing.

National Debt Relief offers a free debt relief options calculator that compares the top ways to get out of debt:

Consumers can get started with National Debt Relief with no upfront fee. There are also no fees until you start to see your debts settled for less than what you owe.

Get started by getting your free debt consultation with no obligation and get the information about settling your credit card debts for less than full balance.

National Debt Relief – Resolve Your Credit Card Debt Problems

Resolute Mediation & Arbitration Inc. Debt Dispute Resolution Mediation & Arbitration services (Maitland, Florida) (Cocoa Beach, Florida) Garfinkel Schwartz is a Defense Base Act Law and Longshore Act Law firm that helps injured and sick civilian contractors and longshoremen to regain denied medical care and benefits.

Defense Base Act law and Longshore Act law is federal law. Garfinkel Schwartz tries and handles cases around the U.S. for clients around the world. There are no boundaries. If you need help and want to talk, we’ll find a way. Whether you mail a letter, send an e-mail or do a FaceTime, Skype, Video Conference, Whats App or Facebook chat or Google Hangout…we’ll find a way to communicate with you.

It’s not easy to fight your employer or your insurer on your own. The insurance companies have the best attorneys available so you should lawyer up. Talk with a couple attorneys to find someone you trust and who agrees to fight for your case.

Insurers can cancel benefits or medical care without warning. It’s your right to choose your attorney, your doctors and the DBA Act or Longshore Act covers it if you have a case. Do you have a case? If you’re hurt and sick, can’t heal and recover you have to find out because the rights are clear under the DBA.

Get help from an experienced Defense Base Act Law and Longshore Act Law lawyer. Interview lawyers until you’re confident and comfortable with your representation. Your case may continue, your care may continue for a long time.

It doesn’t matter where you live because Garfinkel Schwartz will travel to you. Brian flies to any state or country you live in.

Questions? Call attorney Brian Wiklendt 24 hours a day 1-800-393-2999. You may get a return call after hours, weekends…as soon as Brian is able or 30-year paralegal Doreen Cabral may call.

Give return calls a brief amount of time as travel, meetings, court dates happen all the time. But as soon as there’s a break, Doreen or Brian ALWAYS call back. That’s a Garfinkel Schwartz law firm promise.

We will get back to you as soon as we can. Garfinkel Schwartz is committed to helping one family, one person at a time. We’re based in (Maitland, Florida) and (Cocoa Beach, Florida) but work with clients everywhere because Longshore and DBA is federal law.

Given the Coronavirus / CoVid-19 pandemic, face-to-face mediation is problematic. Here are some tips for online video conference mediating! And see this example of an online mediation:

This presentation describes mediation analysis and the connections between traditional mediation analysis and recently developed causal mediation analysis. Mediating variables have a long and important history in theoretical and applied research because they describe how and why two variables are related. One common example of applied mediation research is the study of the mediating processes that explain how a prevention/treatment program achieves its effects on an outcome variable. If the intervention’s active ingredients are identified, the intervention can be made more powerful and more efficient. Other applied mediation examples include identifying how a risk factor leads to disease and how early life experiences affect later development.

This small claims video series was made possible thanks to a grant from the State Bar of Nevada’s Lawyer Referral and Information Service

Heather Quick, founder and CEO of Florida Women’s Law Group, discusses the benefits of having a mediator throughout your divorce in this week’s Family Law Fridays.

How do the finances get split in a divorce or separation? Caitlin Jenkins, experienced family and divorce lawyer at top 50 UK law firm Mills & Reeve, answers questions frequently asked by people trying to navigate their way through the complex legal process of divorce. Mills & Reeve has one of the largest family law teams in the UK and firmly believes in helping clients to help themselves. This video is part of a suite of information for those going through divorce or separation, made freely available on

This TDM Special Issue aims at analysing the current scenario that mediation faces in the context of insolvency matters, as well as new trends, developments, and challenges.

Guest Editors: Prof. Laura Carballo Piñeiro and Prof. Katia Fach Gómez

Table of Contents and Free Excerpt available at:

The Mediation of Bankruptcy Disputes in the United States
by A.L. Gropper

The Role of Mediation in the New EU Approach to Insolvency
by L. Galanti

Mediation in the Context of (Approaching) Insolvency: A Review on the Global Upswing
by N. Pavlova Mocheva, World Bank Group
A.R. Shah

Mediation in Formal and Informal Insolvency: A Greek Perspective
by E.S. Papadimitriou

The Role of Mediation in Japanese Insolvency Practice
by S.I. Abe

The Three Targets of Insolvency Mediation: Dispute Resolution, Agreement Facilitation, Corporate Distress Management
by P. Lucarelli, I. Forestieri

Mediation as A Path to Business Restructuring – Contributions to the Portuguese Insolvency Framework
by A.F. Ferreira Colaço da Conceição, C.F. Marques Cebola

The Role of Mediation in Refinancing Groups of Companies: The Case of Spain
by M. Flores

The Insolvency Mediation in the Spanish Law
by C. Senés Motilla

Out of Court Payment Agreement. A Sui Generis Mediation in Insolvency Matters in Spain
by G. García-Rostán Calvín, S. Tomás Tomás

A Deliberation on Adapting Aspects of Singapore’s Mediation Initiatives Within the Australian Federal Court’s Practice to Further Improve the Liquidators’ Recovery of Assets
by C.F. Symes, J.F. Fitzpatrick

Determinants of Failure … and Success in Personal Debt Mediation
by J.J. Kilborn

Non-Performing Loans Prevention in Italy: Early Warning Indicator and Negotiation – Mediation in Bankruptcy
by G. Matteucci

The Effect of Insolvency on International Mediation – The European and Spanish Perspectives
by M. Penadés Fons

Choice of Law aspects of Mediation in Cross-Border Insolvencies within the European Legal Framework
by M. Asgharian

The tax laws and different rules and regulations are vast when it comes to the division of assets during a separation or divorce. Although, a simple division of property seems to be easiest, very often tax inefficiency comes into play when couples try to take the easy, 50-50 approach.

Take the time to educate yourself and be sure to hire the appropriate professionals that will guide you not only from the legal standpoint, but also with respect to the financial and tax planning side when it comes to your upcoming separation agreement.

In this video Deanna visits with Tracy Kendel from Fairway Divorce Solutions to discuss some of the most important factors when considering the separation of assets and the planning of a separation agreement.

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