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One of the biggest mistakes consumers make is to buy a car on residual, warns National Debt Mediation Association CEO Magauta Mphahlele. Read full story:

Lori A. Grover, NCPM talks about the the division of marital property when using Divorce Mediation.

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Debt can factor as a large component on a farming business’ balance sheet. When a farming business is unable to meet their obligations to their lender the farm debt mediation process begins. This webinar aims to arm you with information on the process and dispel some of the fears and myths around Farm Debt Mediation. Denis McMahon, Senior Lawyer, Farm and Rural Legal Service will discuss the following:

* What is debt mediation?
* What are your rights?
* What your lender can and can’t do
* Timeframes involved
* Levels of assistance – who can help/costs etc
* Changes proposed in the new Farm Business Debt Mediation Bill

This is the first of four short videos that explain key features of the Farm Debt Mediation Act 1994 (NSW). In NSW a lender has to offer confidential mediation before taking possession or other enforcement action for a farm mortgage. Farmers may ask for mediation at any time. This video explains the main steps in a mediation process, the benefits of mediating, and that farmers can seek help to prepare for mediation from Rural Financial Counsellors, accountants or lawyers. More information is available from the NSW Rural Assistance Authority’s website ( or a NSW Rural Financial Counsellor.

This is video four in a four part series that explains farm debt mediation in NSW. This video discusses the role of the mediator, how parties can mediate effectively, and the types of agreements that might be negotiated during the mediation. It also explains the next steps after a satisfactory mediation, including the certificate issued and appeal mechanisms. More information is available from the NSW Rural Assistance Authority’s website ( or a NSW Rural Financial Counsellor.

Are you an over-indebted consumer who has been put under administration? If you are under administration you need to be aware of unscrupulous administrators who abuse the process by taking advantage of you. The Credit Bureau says more than two point seven million consumers have judgments or administration orders against their names.
So what does this all mean for a consumer who has landed themselves in this whole thing? let’s speak to Chief Executive Officer of National Debt Mediation Association Magauta Mphahlele.

2018-05-16 – Farm Debt Mediation Bill – First Reading – Video 4

Barbara Kuriger

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This is video two in a four part series that explains farm debt mediation in NSW. This video focuses on how to prepare for the mediation. It explains the benefits of preparing well, and the information and assistance that is available. It also explains the role of the mediator, the effect of a satisfactory mediation, the statutory cooling off period for each mediation agreement, and appeal mechanisms.

National Debt Mediation Association assists debt counsellors and debt-stressed consumers to reach consensus regarding the rearrangement of debt with credit providers. Joining us now on the state of debt resolution in South Africa as we head towards the Christmas season is Magauta Mphahlele, CEO of the National Debt Mediation Association.