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Debt Review is a process in terms of the National Credit Act for over indebted consumers. The purpose of the act is to protect the over indebted consumer against Credit providers.

The first step in the process is to get the help from a debt counsellor and we do recommend that you do work with a company that has a NCR number and thus is registered with the NCR.


Skuldberading is basies die afrikaanse terme vir”debt review” of “debt counselling” en ons gaan onder net n oorsig gee en voel asb vry om ons te kontak met enige vrae of vir meer inligting. Ons afrikaans sprekende konsultante sal met graagte help.

Skuldberading is die proses in terme van die Nasionale Krediet Reguleerder (NKR) vir verbruikers wat in die skuld is. Die rede vir die proses is vir beskerming van die verbruikers, teen krediet verskaffers.

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Reviewing the Star Wars novel – Aftermath Life Debt

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As I’m closing out my 2018 Year in Review, I wanted to take a look at home much money I put to debt this entire year. I went through each of my current debts from 2018 (4 in total: 1 credit card, 2 student loans and 1 car loan) and looked at how much I paid. These payments are both principal and interest, but it’s crazy how much I did this year and how much room for improvement I still have on my debt free journey. What are you doing in 2019 to tighten your budget to hit your financial goals?

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When a consumer (client) realizes that he/she is over indebted and that some arrangements
have to be made to make sure all monthly repayments are met.
2. The consumer contacts a registered Debt Counsellor who supplies a regulated form 16 and
assists with the completion thereof. As soon as this form is completed the consumer will have
formally applied for debt review in terms of the Act.
3. All requested documentation as on the application form is supplied by the consumer within 5
days of signing the form 16.
4. With the information and supporting documents supplied by the consumer the debt counsellor
now informs all the known creditors of the consumer that the said consumer has applied for
debt review. This is done with the regulated form 17.1 as well as 17.2
5. A formal analysis is done by the Debt counsellor to determine if the consumer is indeed over
indebted. This is a very simple calculation once all information has been taken into account. A
consumer can only apply for debt counselling if his/her monthly disbursable amount (Nett
income minus living expenses) is LESS than the amount required to service all obligations.
AS EXAMPLE ONLY. If the consumer only has R5000 to pay his/her debt after the living
expenses have been accounted for, and the total monthly debt repayments are R6000 the
application would be a success.
6. If the consumer is indeed over indebted according to the above method all creditors would be
informed of this for their record.
7. The restructuring process can now begin. The Debt counsellor will now restructure and
renegotiate all credit agreements and present these proposed terms to all creditors. This new
proposal will then restructure the consumer’s monthly commitments to be more affordable
and ensure that all credit agreements get something every month.
8. The new proposal will now be sent out to all the creditors after it has been approved by the
consumer. Should all creditors agree to a consent order that new arrangement will be made
an order of court. If there are some creditors who don’t agree to the restructuring a court date
will be allocated for the matter to be heard. At this hearing the magistrate will have no choice
to grant the order if the debt counsellor acted in terms of the Act and subsequently
restructured the debt accordingly.
9. A Very important consideration when applying for debt counselling will be who handles your
money! Debt counsellors are not allowed to handle any money from consumers except for the
application fee along with the retainer for early cancellation.
10. All disbursements of contributions will be handled by a registered Payment Distribution
Agency (PDA). The PDA is regulated and governed by the Act. As soon as a restructuring
proposal is agreed on by the consumer payments of the distribution amount will be paid over
from the consumer directly to the PDA. The PDA in turn will disburse with the funds as per the
restructuring proposals.
11. The Fee structure:
Debt counsellors are entitled to a maximum of R 6000 plus VAT for single applications and R
6000 plus VAT for a joint application.
The Act allows for the following payment of Debt counsellor fees as well as Legal fees.
The first payment made by the PDA will pay the debt counsellors fee
The second payment will pay the legal fees
The third payment will be the first payment that creditors receive. This is done so that
consumers don’t have to pay any money that they might not have up front, and to make the
process affordable.
12. When the payments are being made to the creditors by the PDA there will be some
agreements that will be paid up before others. As soon as this happens the Debt counsellor
must restructure the payments again to make sure any creditor is not paid more than he must
receive and to disburse the surplus equally between the other to ensure that the process runs
smoothly. For this the Debt counsellor is entitled to a 5% after care fee not exceeding R300.
13. As soon as all debt has been cleared the debt counsellor will release the consumer from debt
review and issue him/her with a clearance certificate. All records will also be removed from
the credit bureaus
14. Should a consumer’s situation change for the better and they are in a position to repay all
monthly obligations as they were before the restructuring they will be allowed to be release
from debt counselling. Although nothing is binding, any consumer can leave the process at
any time for any reason

NDMA Acting Case Mediation Manager Santie Schindehutte offers consumers help when debt review fails them

This is a review of the documentary film “Life and Debt” which addresses the impact of the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank and current globalization policies on a developing country such as Jamaica.