Debt Review

If you’re trying to get out of debt,these two options are available to you but it is of utmost importance that you understand what you’re getting yourself into.

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A perennial problem for South Africans, personal debt is skyrocketing – as a recent annual survey by a major financial institution has revealed. More than double the usual number of respondents said they had taken out personal loans this year. Some 58% of households are facing “overwhelming financial stress levels as they plunder their savings and take on more debt to meet expenses”. So what if the financial hole gets too deep? Carte Blanche investigates complaints by some debt review customers who say the hoops they had to jump through to get back into the black were just too traumatising.

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Here are the numbers for the month of July! Every baby step is getting us closer to debt free living!

Understanding the Debt Review / Debt Counselling Process.

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Hi! Today’s video is a debt review for June 2020! In this video, I will show you our debt totals for the month and our progress relative to the beginning of the year. ?
Hope you enjoy the video!!

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With debt absolutely consuming her life, Nicole turned to Freedom Debt Relief to help relieve her financial stress and find a clear path towards a debt free life.
In this Freedom Debt Relief debt settlement review, you’ll learn how breaking free of the cycle of crippling credit card debt and finding a clear path toward debt freedom helped Nicole become a better mom for her children.
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We are making progress in the right direction, but it’s slow going and I’m feeling pretty discouraged.

We have a cool Webinar this weekend on the 27th at 10am, email if you want to gain access. Its R100 and we will look a Debt Review, Debt Restructuring tools, Snowball Method and Cashflow index

We are all experiencing some sort of financial turmoil due to Covid19 and our interview with Suria certainly showcased that there are companies out there that are able to advise and assist you with all of your enquiries.

Debt Review is a process where the consumer approaches a Debt Counsellor, who in turn negotiates with your creditor providers with the aim of reducing instalments and interest rates. The end result is to assist the consumer to reduce their over-indebtedness. It offers protection against legal action from Credit Providers allowing you to pay a reasonable instalment.

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