Debt Review

When you’re put under debt review, you can’t incur more credit or debt until you get your clearance certificate. The NCA will also protect you from the constant hounding creditors usually do to underpaying customers.
There’s no other way to remove debt review from the ITC records than to satisfy the requirements of the program. Once a court order has been signed and you’re officially under debt review, the only way you can make an early exit is to satisfy all the criteria to obtain a clearance certificate.

According to a recent court order regarding an early exit from a debt review program, you can’t simply exit from the debt review process using your improved financial situation as an excuse. Even if your finances are more stable, you must complete the debt review process and just pay extra to exit earlier and satisfy the stipulated requirements for clearance. Otherwise, if you still haven’t removed your over-indebtedness, there’s no way you can exit the debt review program.

But in case you’re clear from over-indebtedness and your debt counsellor refuses to issue a clearance certificate

Debt Review
How it works?
What is the debt review process?

The numbers are in for the month of October.

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It’s easy to get caught in a debt trap. Even the best-laid plans can go awry when the unexpected happens – and that can have dire effects on your debt repayment plans. Maya Fisher-French explains what debt counselling is and when it becomes necessary in order to avoid being blacklisted.

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Advantages and disadvantage of debt review
helpful tips about debt review
tandem debt solutions
helping you make an informed decision

In this episode, we are talking about debt review. What debt Review really means and the right tools you need before you can sign up for it or if you know someone who might need it.

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A chat between industry experts as they discuss what distinguishes one Debt Counsellor from another and what it is that makes a “good” Debt Counsellor? The discussion also covers the way forward for the industry given Covid-19.

Each year at the Annual Debt Review Awards over 50 different Debt Counsellors are recognised for their efforts in the debt review industry. For more information head over to:

The numbers are in for the month of September.

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