Debt Review | Budget with me | September 2020

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Hi! Today’s video shows our progress on our debt payments for September 2020. ?
Hope you enjoy the video!!

Answers to your burning questions:
What is your Instagram handle?
• its_brendle –

What planner do you use for your budget?
• Erin Condren –
*If it is your first time buying & creating an account, you will get a $10 off coupon your first purchase and I will also receive a $10 coupon*

Where can I find this sticker kit?
• Caffeinated Cait’s Etsy page –
• This kit is called October Pumpkin Patch
• I do cut and modify them a little.

What pens do you use?
• Sharpie Gel pen 0.7
• TUL pens
• Pilot G-2 07

What camera do you use to film?
• GoPro Hero 8 Black

What free editing software do you use?
• Olive –

What program do you use for my intro, outro, & thumbnails?
• Canva –
• I use the free version
*If you use this link, we will both receive Canva Credit towards premium elements, such as images, illustrations, icons, and music*

What color nail polish are you wearing?
• Au Naturel!

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