How I Paid off $22,000 of Credit Card Debt

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Ding dong the witch is dead! Which old witch? The credit debt witch! Here’s how I killed the wicked old witch of debt and eliminated twenty two thousand of credit card debt in just three years.

Credit counseling service I used:

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YaadMan Kristal*1111 says:

Ur InnerG so fabulous ?

Still_Meig B says:

Did the consolidation company close the credit cards after they were paid?

Scott Lincoln says:

Damn girl – Id love to see you in that sexy dress…

diane joseph says:

Awesomeness!!! Gurl take me under your wing!!! Instruct me!!!??

KC Wright says:

Omg gorgeous

T M says:

I’ve been on a cash budget my whole life because no one will approve me for a line of credit ?? lucky me right ? I wish I could go to the mall and just buy shit just because

Bobby Shupinski says:

your hott as hell!!

Brett Slater says:

Hello love your work I went from 170k down 10k in 2yrs 🙂

Cyril Euscobar says:

"You look good girl! Mmmm Hmmm!" LOL!

Kevin Bolsajian says:

Omg my dad owes 22000 worth of debt and immmmm sooooooooo looooooosssssttttttt

Ojb 1959 says:

Discipline’s key !

Torace Johnson says:

Young Finances – Latisha Styles I have 3,761.42 in credit card debt from three card, I am tired of the monthly payments, how can I get from beneath this debt????

SupremeVision says:

Beautiful woman…thanks for being short and effective

Manny G says:

I paid off 20k in 1 year. Get on my level

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